Best WhatsApp Online Tracking App

Best WhatsApp Online Tracking App
Best WhatsApp Online Tracking App

A WhatsApp send is a free and cross-platform software that allows you to send text messages, video calls, voice calls and various types of documents. Whatsapp is potentially the most beneficial way to deal with conversations with your peers and you must have a persistent web relationship with using WhatsApp. Assuming you are a parent, you should have a need to monitor your child’s WhatsApp exercises using the spy app. If you are looking for the best government operating app to follow WhatsApp messages, you have many options.

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Are you done considering how you can get WhatsApp online notice when someone goes online on WhatsApp?

If you are looking for an online WhatsApp tracker, you are in the right place!

You may need to have the option to send a message to your best mate when you go online.

Or, again, maybe you’d rather not send your girlfriend/lover an important note when you’ve recently gone offline.

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Nobody prefers that excruciating confidence that someone will enter WhatsApp and see your message.

In case you can’t tell if they’ve been online, you’re most likely left there wondering if the reason they haven’t responded is that they’re distraught, not intrigued, or just haven’t been on WhatsApp for some time. .

There is encouraging news, there are a couple of online WhatsApp trackers that can keep you up to date when someone has gone online or offline.

This post will show you the best WhatsApp trackers for 2021!

Best WhatsApp Online Trackers for 2021

WaStat can:

  1. Show online last seen
  2. Show intact sections in a convenient clock view
  3. Monitor up to 10 profiles
  4. Send you warnings when the person is online
  5. Support you in the shortest period

The best application to track WhatsApp online status:

Or, again, maybe you’re a conscientious parent who doesn’t need their kids sitting around mindlessly? At that point, he may find that the WaStat app is useful for his needs. This time tracker can monitor all your movement on WhatsApp Messenger and display it in a convenient clock view.

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Online notification for iPhone:

In case you have a jailbroken iPhone, it is a good idea to go with OnlineNotify. This app is available for iOS devices only and provides warnings about someone else’s departures and sections on WhatsApp.


  • You’ll get the notice when someone connects, but also when they leave.
  • This app can be installed on all iOS versions.

Aside from these things, there are a couple of cons you should think about before getting it:

  • This app is not free, it costs almost 2 USD.
  • The exact working capabilities of this app are 83% of the time.
  • You must escape from your iPhone to use this app.
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WhatzTrack Tracker for iPhone

Assuming you are looking for an app that works without jailbreak, WhatzTrack is the best paid app and you don’t need to bother with access authorization. That’s why WhatzTrack also keeps the security concern at the top and gets the job done on its own.

You can use WhatzTrack on iPhone and monitor when someone connects to WhatsApp and invest power.

Remember that the application has the lowest and most convenient monthly fee to monitor the movement of the WhatsApp client.

You can monitor if someone goes online or when they go offline using this WhatzTrack.


  • WhatzTrack is providing a lot of features with a small charge, but you don’t need access consent from your phone contacts.
  • WhatzTrack can work without jailbreak.
  • You can also control how long a person stays online on WhatsApp.
  • Accessible on Android and iPhone devices.