BLM protester hit by car while blocking busy Seattle freeway sues last group he’d expect: THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT

BLM protester hit by car while blocking busy Seattle freeway sues last group he’d expect: THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT
BLM protester hit by car while blocking busy Seattle freeway sues last group he’d expect: THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT

For those who know this caliber of the professional protesting class, you won’t be the least bit surprised to learn that Diaz Love, who is 34 years old and old enough to know better, takes No responsibility for the incident.

In fact, now that he is healed and has received a lawyer, he has decided that the injuries he sustained while blocking the freeway on a busy 4th of July are the police’s fault. That’s right, the very cops he probably threw at chanted “fry ’em like bacon” to those who are to blame.

See if you can follow the logical trail with KING 5 News, which explains that protesters expected special protection from the very cops they spent months vilifying, burning, looting and rioting over.

“The lawsuit asserts that it is the long-standing policy of the Washington State Patrol to not allow protesters to enter the highway due to safety concerns. That changed, however, when racial justice protests erupted following the murder of George Floyd,” the Seattle television station reported.

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It would be correct to ask why the George Floyd riots somehow grant special rights, but apparently, in Seattle, it was assumed because they are wonderful citizens and looters. KING 5 reports that overnight highway blockers “reportedly felt a sense of security from law enforcement” because the “WSP and Seattle Police Department met with protest leaders” and “assured them” that the police would wrap them in safety and security. “Protect them from harm.”


But whoops! According to anti-police protesters, “WSP and SPD failed to adequately block roads or on and off ramps and provided lights and signs around protesters to warn drivers of their presence.” Police blocked off-ramps and on-ramps that night, but a crazed driver was able to access the freeway by driving down an off-ramp and struck Love and another protester, Summer Taylor, who was killed.

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The black man who was driving that car to the BLM protest, Dawit Kelete, is charged in the incident and is set to appear for a competency hearing in July.

At a press conference, a spokeswoman for the protesters said that “this lawsuit is filed on behalf of peaceful protesters. Their peaceful protests were met with the very thing they are protesting against. They were met with excessive force by the police.”

It’s unclear what is meant by “excessive force,” but they blame police for failing to protect them from foreseeable harm in their 100-page lawsuit. Interestingly, the protesters themselves failed to acknowledge that blocking the busy downtown portion of Interstate 5 through Seattle had one predictable outcome: getting hit by a car.

The suit reportedly seeks to conflate several Summer of Love protest clashes with police officers with the freeway incident. Copies of the lawsuit were not available online.

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As one protester at the press conference stated, “The police had barricades to protect themselves, but there were no barricades to protect my fellow protesters, who also serve this city.” He was injured by an angry driver while blocking the road on Capitol Hill near Chaz/Chop.

According to KING 5 News, 40 plaintiffs are suing the police and the Washington State Patrol.

I’ve heard it all now.

If this goes to court, I’d ask for summary judgment and bring my own laugh to court.

But this is Seattle. This poop pile lawsuit is likely to pay off the protesters, setting a horrible precedent.

This begs the question: if he gets rid of all the cops by forcibly defunding them, as BLM has been so successful in doing, who will be to blame the next time he decides to play on the freeway? last-group-you-would-expect-n1606669