BRI KUR 2022 Fee Table Complete with Terms and Interests — PENTARU

BRI KUR 2022 Fee Table Complete with Terms and Interests — PENTARU
BRI KUR 2022 Fee Table Complete with Terms and Interests — PENTARU

The KUR BRI Table – Popular Business Credit Program (KUR) remains open to provide opportunities to MSME business actors who wish to apply for loans with low interest rates. Interestingly, the government microcredit program receives interest rate subsidies. Even this year the interest rate is 6% per year.

Over time, the town’s business credit program has become a prima donna for the community in borrowing cash as business development capital. In addition to a low interest rate, this program also has a simple application process and terms. You can view the BRI 2022 KUR fee table for your consideration.

Banco BRI, as a red plate bank, continues to be the government’s focus in distributing these productive loans. Not surprisingly, with its good performance and reputation, the BRI has a mandate to channel credit. Background KURBRI 2022 almost 60% of the total budget issued by the government of IDR 373.17 billion.

Terms of BRI KUR 2022

Before looking at the BRI 2022 forex chart. It is better if we first understand whether the bank that already has a private satellite distributes various types of KUR. The commercial personal loans that are mostly disbursed by BRI are Micro KUR, Retail KUR and Financing KUR for TKI.

Micro KUR is a business and investment capital loan for small and micro business players with a maximum limit of IDR 25 million. While KUR Retail is a working and investment capital loan. The nominal application is above Rs 25 crore to Rs 500 crore.

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Meanwhile, KUR or financing for TKI is a service provided specifically for migrant workers from Indonesia (TKI). The objective is to finance placements in countries of destination with a maximum nominal credit of IDR 25 million.

The requirements to apply for a personal business loan or KUR BRI can be seen together below:

Micro KUR Terms

  • Indonesian citizens who have productive and appropriate types of businesses as beneficiaries of the KUR program.
  • The effort has been running for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.
  • The beneficiaries of the credits are not currently receiving or enjoying productive lines of credit, either from the BRI bank or from other banks.
  • Apply for credit by filling out the application form and completing the required files, such as an identification card,
  • Family Card and Business Legality Letter.
  • Photocopy of the legality of the additional guarantees, whether BPKB Motor or other types of goods that can be used as collateral.

KUR terms for small and retail

In the meantime, for those of you who intend to apply for a Retail KUR loan. With an introductory value of more than IDR 25 million to IDR 500 million. You can read the terms and conditions of your application below:

  • Indonesian citizens who are productive business players and are eligible to receive retail-type business loans from BRI bank.
  • The applicant does not currently enjoy productive credit services received through the BRI or other banks.
  • The business in operation is at least half a year old.
  • The owned business is a legal business that has bagged a permit or certificate that can replace it.
  • Photocopy of valuable assets in the form of car BPKB or house certificates that are planned to be used as additional collateral.
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KUR Requirements for TKI

Specifically for TKI funding, it can only be submitted by prospective Indonesian workers who have signed an employment contract. The following are the requirements to apply for a BRI type of TKI KUR that must be met.

  • The potential debtors are Indonesian citizens who will go abroad in horror.
  • Submit a credit application by completing the BRI TKI KUR application form.
  • Complete the required files ranging from ID, family cards, internship agreements, etc.

People’s business credit deserves to be the mainstay of the lower middle class in particular. Especially for those who are involved in the world of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in search of business capital loans.

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Through this program, of course, the opportunity to develop our business will be open. For those of you who wish to apply for business capital this year, please visit the BRI unit to apply for a BRI KUR. Or just clarify the information first.

Table of Fees BRI 2022 KUR

Based on the interest rate, which is 6% per year, we can calculate the table installments 2022 BRI KUR like below:

For loans ranging from 1 million to 50 million, especially the KUR Micro BRI & TKI type, we can see the installment table as follows.

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Meanwhile, for those of you who want to apply for KUR above IDR 50 million, you can visit your nearest BRI Bank service office.

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By looking at the BRI 2022 KUR installment table above, we can confirm that the loan is a low-interest loan because it receives interest rate subsidies from the government. For that, feel free to choose an individual business line of credit through BRI Bank instead of choosing other types of loan products.