Brooklyn Center agrees to pay Daunte Wright’s family $3.25M

Brooklyn Center agrees to pay Daunte Wright’s family $3.25M
Brooklyn Center agrees to pay Daunte Wright’s family $3.25M

The city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, has settled with the family of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, an unarmed black man who was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop last year, for $3.25 million.

Wright was fatally shot in April 2021 by then-Officer Kim Potter, who said he intended to reach for his stun gun.

The deal will not be finalized until agreement is reached on police training on topics such as officer intervention, implicit bias, gun confusion and mental health crises, along with a permanent memorial to Wright, said a statement from the family’s lawyers.

“The comprehensive settlement in this tragic case will provide a significant measure of responsibility to the family for the profound loss of a son, a brother and a father, and they hope and believe that changes in policing, policy and training will create major improvements to the community on Daunte’s behalf,” family attorney Antonio Romanucci said in the statement. “Nothing can bring him back, but the family hopes that his legacy will be a positive one and prevent any other family from enduring the kind of pain they will live with for the rest of their lives.”

Then-Officer Kim Potter Claimed That She Intended To Reach For Her Stun Gun When She Fired The Fatal Shot.
Then-Officer Kim Potter claimed that she intended to reach for her stun gun when she fired the fatal shot.
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Potter was convicted of first and second degree manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison earlier this year.

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Wright had been arrested for having expired tags and an air freshener hanging from his mirror. Potter shot her after she jumped back into her vehicle when she tried to arrest him after realizing he was wanted on a non-felony warrant. Potter yelled “Taser! taser!” before she fired.

The family’s attorney, Jeff Storms, said there is “no real justice” for the Wright family because “Daunte will never come home,” but the city’s settlement shows a “commitment to the responsibility of this small community.”

He said his goal with the lawsuit was to strike a balance between holding the city accountable without “undermining the city’s financial stability or limiting the services it provides to its residents, many of whom are people of color.”

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Body Camera Footage That Was Presented In Court In December 2021.
Body camera footage that was presented in court in December 2021.
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A Protester Holds Up A Portrait Of Wright During A Protest In February 2022.
A protester holds up a portrait of Wright during a protest in February 2022.
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Last year, Minneapolis reached a settlement with the family of George Floyd, also killed during an arrest, for $27 million.