Burning when shooting horseback riders from behind on Mount Bromo Viral

Burning when shooting horseback riders from behind on Mount Bromo Viral
Burning when shooting horseback riders from behind on Mount Bromo Viral
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windows-phone.megazio.com.com – Burning when shooting horseback riders from behind on Mount Bromo Viral. When visiting tourist attractions, there are usually many people who capture the moment by taking photos or recording videos. The beautiful landscape feels very dear if it is not immortalized in the form of photos or videos.

A tourist on Mount Bromo experienced an unpleasant incident when his hands were horses from behind. This can be seen in the upload of social media accounts.

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“Be careful when you go to Bromo, they don’t like to take videos,” the tourist wrote in his post.

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First. The tourist was filming the rider from behind. This tourist was then reprimanded in a very loud tone by the horseman.

The rider suddenly got off and asked the tourists for IDR 50,000. This man was shocked and said that he would delete the video he took.

However, the horseman still demanded money quite forcefully. “Where’s the money? See, you didn’t say you were shooting in the back. Even if it’s removed, where’s the money?” the rider snapped.

Unfortunately, this tourist was very surprised because he was suddenly asked for money all of a sudden. He doesn’t know if he’s not allowed to take videos. Finally, he agreed to what the rider was interested in and tried to keep his cool.

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This video has drawn a lot of attention from netizens. Various comments filled the load.

“Although there is no prohibition on taking photos or videos,” commented a netizen.

“It’s like Bromo has it, he wants to record and pay for everything.” other netizens who also commented.

The incident went viral and was widely shared on other social media platforms.

Palak Horse Ojek victim in Bromo forgives perpetrator

Tourists who are victims of horse-drawn taxis in Mount Bromo have forgiven the perpetrators. He hopes that a similar incident will not be repeated.

Unscrupulous motorcycle-riding taxi drivers in Bromo who harassed tourists have apologized. The tourist also spared the person named Suyono.

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The tourist named Abdul Malik (48 years old), a resident of Muncar, Bayuwangi. Malik is the owner of the Tiktok account @aldiducth who uploaded what he experienced in Bromo.

“I forgive Mr. Suyono as a motorcycle riding taxi driver. I hope that similar incidents will not happen again in Mount Bromo tourism, and the service actors in Mount Bromo tours can serve guests well. And it will not happen again same thing happen,” Malik said.

Malik also apologized to all parties whether his Tiktok post was for or against. Malik hopes that a similar incident in Mount Bromo tourism will not happen again.

“I want related parties to establish responsible rules and regulations regarding the cost of renting tourism services in the tourism environment of Bromo Tengar Semeru National Park,” Malik said.

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That’s the review we can pass on to the viral Lagging When Recording Horse Riders from Behind on Mount Bromo. Hopefully the information above can help those of you who are currently looking for it.