Buy Wirda Mansyur and Anang shares, even dregs: how to succeed in online business

Buy Wirda Mansyur and Anang shares, even dregs: how to succeed in online business
Buy Wirda Mansyur and Anang shares, even dregs: how to succeed in online business

Jakarta News – What stocks were you talking about last year, where stocks went viral again due to significant increase? Many people have a get-rich-quick desire and a high sense of fomo, tempted by how easy it is to be rich. It also attracts some artists to create shares, they launch their own tokens, because it is a promising business instead of buying cryptocurrencies.

But do you know, the beginning of the stock market or the boom because of what? This is because the currency is used for transactions by the mafia (to buy drugs on the deep web), corrupters (saving and withdrawing money from the corrupt) and criminals/terrorists (weapons buying and selling transactions).

And the worst thing is that most stock owners are idiots, even the stock market, where they make the stock and its packaging in order to deceive. make it look like a great company through a website and ambitious goals through a white paper. people eat it easily tempted. Not to mention that the share price can be controlled by the manufacturer or by the popes.

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So is it worth buying stocks? In my opinion, it’s worth it as long as you choose the right coin (usually leftovers will be lost in 2-3 years), the right exchange (because they pretend to be dead or hacked), know the risks (average stock will go down by 95 percent) ) and will buy at the right price. well, if you already know the basics, just wait 3 or 5 years.

And most of these people play the stock, as I said at the beginning, they jump into the stock market without knowing the basics, plus they are hoping to get rich quick and are motivated by fomo. they buy when stocks are booming (because when stocks are booming, that’s when stocks are at their peak due to rising), so their money, yours, will go down. not to mention buying with money either borrowed or future savings.

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This is also experienced by my friend, he knows from the media that investing in stocks can get rich quick and suddenly become a billionaire. Bought one of them Anang token is called Asix token priced at Rs 50 now price is Rs 5 and Wirda Mansur token is I-con buy it at Rs 300 now price is Rs 44 .

When I first bought it, my friend was quite proud, on the screenshots, the assets continued to be posted on social media. Don’t forget to spice it up with catchphrases like that, but it’s a shame the pride is gone. Yesterday he posted a screenshot of the red market and said, “The stock is scum.” I see WA’s post is pretty funny. maybe it’s an inconvenience and its assets are worth the price of fried food.

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Maybe he’s not mentally prepared, just like my other friends, because Luna went to the center of the earth, bought 35 million, the asset value was 1.7 million, and then he slammed his iPhone in anger. but this is how the stock market is filled with dramas, some can get rich and others even get poorer.

So that’s just a suggestion, if you really don’t understand how to store, it’s better to learn first. I don’t just want the capital to get rich quick, the bottom line continues to float, float, so it’s almost insane. or you don’t even have to play at all, that’s better.