Camper Progress Update – Room for Tuesday Blog

Camper Progress Update – Room for Tuesday Blog
Camper Progress Update – Room for Tuesday Blog

Camper Progress Update - Consider this the latest blog post update for the camper. We’re getting close to the final stretch, and I’d hate to spoil a fun before and after… but I wanted to share one last progress post! Things are moving well. We installed some new lights, the paint is totally done, the cabinets have been reassembled and we are officially in the fun phase of the makeover. Click for a quick and informal post on the latest with our travel trailer.

Before we dive in, if you missed the above images and layout plan, click here. If you’re looking for paint and flooring progress, you can find it here.

Camper Progress Update - We’ve painted and reassembled all the cabinets and have officially moved on to installing the fun stuff: drapery hardware, chandeliers, hooks, etc. It looks so much brighter in the RV and definitely more cheery! It will be a few more weeks before my upholstery is finished in the shop, but it will be exciting to see vinyl upholstered dining cushions soon.

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Camper Progress Update - The sconces are on, but we have to figure out how to mount the puck lights inside them. Emmett is thinking of epoxy painting a round sphere for the interior and mounting the lights on it. (so that they are less noticeable and do not fall off). They look great though! They will be very convenient on a remote control.

Camper Progress Update - The kitchen looks so cute! We’ve yet to tackle the backsplash – we changed our minds about the sticky tile after chatting with a few of you, and opted for the bead board instead. However, the hardware and painted cabinets have already made a big impact. I also stole a vintage rug from the Tuesday Made store because me just couldn’t wait! say oh

Camper Progress Update - I also took the time to line the drawers and cabinets with a tacky drawer liner…which is great for camping so our stuff doesn’t slide or shift during transport. We’ve also been checking little things off the list, like replacing the smoke detector, changing electrical wiring, fixing leaks, etc.

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Camper Progress Update - What’s left on our to-do list? Quite…but I feel like we’re halfway there! Here’s what we still have to address:

  • Install a bead board backsplash
  • Replace countertops and dining room table
  • Install upgraded plumbing fixtures
  • Install door hardware
  • Fold and alter drapery panels
  • Styling: Hang artwork, make the bed, stock the kitchen, etc.
  • Deep cleaning once again
  • Remove exterior graphics

Camper Progress Update - I have been getting a LOT of questions about countertops. I know, they are ugly. Yes, we are replacing them. However, the manufacturing lead time is long, so we are trying to be patient in the meantime. If we can’t get them installed in a timely manner (for the big reveal), maybe I’ll just paint them for the sake of the photos. TBD on it! Our plan is to use the leftover solid surface remnants once we’re on schedule…probably a white, black, or marble look option.

Camper Progress Update - My biggest task right now is sewing all these curtains. It looks great though, and we can’t wait to hit the road and go camping! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday!


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