Can the 2016 Pkh Card still be valid?

Can the 2016 Pkh Card still be valid?
Can the 2016 Pkh Card still be valid?
Whatsapp Image 2021 12 07 At 16.17.38 1– Regarding the status of the 2016 PKH card process in the future, there has been no news from their respective regional group facilitators and the PKH facilitators are still waiting for a decree from the minister of social affairs.

Currently the PKH 2016 card is still valid, the balance is still in the beneficiary’s account, but you need to withdraw the balance directly to a BNI bank ATM.

PKH Staple Food Status

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Can the 2016 Pkh Card still be valid? 3

PKH Basic Needs meet the basic needs of the vulnerable and the poor, automatically on the PKH card they meet special basic food needs.

Previously, the basic needs that were received only consisted of rice and eggs, now they are more varied, not only rice but other types of carbohydrates, not only protein for animal carbohydrates but also vegetable protein, vegetables and fruits.

It’s just that the PKH KKS cannot be used yet, and the PKH KKS card can no longer accept prosperous rice for now.

While for basic food cards, the beneficiaries increased from KPM 12.5 million to KPM 20 million, the benefit amount increased from Rp. 150,000 KPM/month at Rp. 200,000 KPM/month.

Understanding the Family Hope (PKH) Program

The Familia Esperanza Program is a conditional social welfare program for poor families designated as beneficiaries, known as the PKH card.

The great mission of the PKH card is to reduce poverty, which is increasingly important, considering that the number of poor people in Indonesia until March 2016 was still 10.86% of the total population.

28.01 million people (BPS, 2016) in Indonesia, the government has set a poverty reduction target of 7-8% by 2019, as stated in the RPJMN 2015-2019. PKH can contribute significantly.

Reduce the poor and reduce inequality by increasing the Human Development Index (HDI).

And the results of other studies show that PKH has an impact on changes in household consumption, as in several other CCT implementing countries, PKH managed to increase the consumption of beneficiary households in Indonesia by 4.8%.

pkh’s goal

  • Improve living standards – Through access to health education and social welfare services.
  • Reduce the burden: reduce the burden of expenses and increase the income of poor and vulnerable families.
  • Behavior Change: Create behavior change and KPM’s self-sufficiency to access health, education and social welfare services.
  • Reduce poverty – reduce poverty and inequality.
  • Financial inclusion: present the benefits of formal financial products and services to beneficiary families.

How to Verify PKH Welfare Recipients

Social assistance makes it easier for disadvantaged people who want to easily know if you are a beneficiary or not, simply use your E-KTP by logging into Google, typing and then logging in. session, fill in the instructions.

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