Car Rental Lampung –

Car Rental Lampung –
Car Rental Lampung –

Car rental Lampung – We have experience in car rental services for more than 5 years. Therefore, we want to continue innovating to provide an easy and comfortable car rental experience to our customers.

We have officially become a partner or seller of car rental Lampung for government and private agencies. Cooperation with ministries, state companies, individuals and the private sector. In addition to being a subscription to popular artists, and a subscription to the presidents of RI 1 and RI 2.

Make sure you and your family use and book our car rental. Please call or chat with us to get satisfactory service.

Car Rental Lampung

Service professional

in Our Services We always strive to provide the best professional service. Our driver will arrive on time according to a predetermined schedule. We are also ready to deliver the vehicle directly to your location.

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Why choose our service?

There are many reasons why you should choose to rent a Lampung car at, including:

1. Complete selection of cars

We have several types of cars ready for rent. From cars for formal events, parties, weddings, tours and private rentals. Renaissance innovates 15 units. Pajero all new units 5. Fortuner VRZ units 5. Hiace 5 units. Advance 10 units. Double cabin 10 units. Alfred 7 units. Tourist buses 15 units. Camry sedan 5 units. Mercy sedan 5 units

2. Professional Service

Our driver has a friendly and professional personality. Ready to deliver the car directly to you. In addition, our drivers also prioritize punctuality at the time of reception.

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3. The number of trusted customers

Lampung car rental or rental has been used by many agencies, companies or individuals. More than 100 clients have proven the quality of our services. In addition, we have been awarded as the best car rental company in Bandar Lampung in the “Customer Satisfaction” category.