Causes of Google Adsense rejection and how to overcome it

Causes of Google Adsense rejection and how to overcome it
Causes of Google Adsense rejection and how to overcome it – Hello everyone, we are back with the administrator who will provide information on Causes of Google Adsense rejection and how to overcome it.

Most people who sign up for google adsense fail or get rejected by google, usually this happens if the website does not meet google standards to be able to display ads.

Because, in fact, an advertiser also wants his ad to appear on a website that is considered to be clean and of good quality. Or deemed eligible to display ads.

Although we have taken action and tried to ensure that our website is worthy, all this will not guarantee a decision by Google to reject the website we registered.

By registering Google Adsense we cannot predict, but it is kind of a mystery that we can guess. Because the website we registered can be treated well.

Even in the case of AdSense rejection, it doesn’t make sense to us, or it can’t be predicted that sometimes there is little reason or many reasons for rejection to happen.

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Here’s Why Google Adsense Gets Rejected

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Adsense submissions are generally disapproved due to several factors including:

  1. The content or website we submit is problematic

The cause of our adsense rejection is usually because our content or website is problematic, which happens as follows:

Also read:

  • Duplicate/plagiarism: which means that our content is not original but a copy of other content.
  • Illegal content: What is called illegal content here means content that contains pornography, hoaxes, violence, piracy and other negative things.
  • Minimal posting: meaning that the content we submit here does not yet have a small number of websites or posts.

2. Duplicate adsense akun

As a result of Google Adsense denial, the account owner usually has more than one Adsense account, but the user needs to close the old account first.

3. Website down

Usually, the rejection occurrence in Google Adsense because the website is in an inactive position, which means that it cannot be accessed in Google searches.

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4. Website design

When registering a Google Adsense account, try first to ensure that the display layout on the website has been arranged neatly and properly.

Because if the layout on the website is neat then the possibility of receiving adsense will be easier and higher than the layout of the websites that are not well organized.

5. Additional pages

There is an additional page that needs to be attached to make the website we submit look neater and clearer. Which it does with the about me/about us page.

Which means the page contains the owner of the website to make it look more neat and elegant. This means that the website has a user.

How To Overcome Adsense Rejection

For those of you who have experienced the above, or have experienced a rejection when submitting a Google AdSense account for reasons like the admin described above.

So don’t worry because all problems must have a solution like the problems we are experiencing now, which can be solved by the following factors:

  1. Try to create original content that can provide interesting and useful information.
  2. Please remove all content deemed illegal or negative, and do not use other people’s content.
  3. Make sure the website is live using the adsense code that has been used.
  4. Try not to use traffic or so-called software to be able to cause traffic.
  5. Change and improve the look and feel of the website and make sure each menu is usable or contains links (not empty)
  6. Try not to use ads that suddenly appear on the page.
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Therefore, the brief information that the administrator can present regarding Causes of Google Adsense rejection and how to overcome itI hope it can help and be useful to all of you.

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