Charlie Wade novel Chapter 4589 – 4591: The Charm of Heart Love

Charlie Wade novel Chapter 4589 – 4591: The Charm of Heart Love
Charlie Wade novel Chapter 4589 – 4591: The Charm of Heart Love – Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4589 – 4591 Hey guys, again with admin, this time admin wants to give a review about Charlie Wade novel Chapter 4589 – 4591. Let’s take a look at the article below.

As we know, today there are many lovers of Charlie Wade’s novel, The Enchantment of Heart Love. Why do so many people like this novel nowadays? Because this novel has interesting features and a story that really arouses the curiosity of the readers.

Especially now that the story of Charlie Wade’s novel is being eagerly awaited by his loyal fans. Therefore, here we will give a brief history about Charlie Wade’s novel.

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when Charlie talked about roast goose, Liu Jiahui and Fang Jiaxin’s statement suddenly gave birth.

As a native of Hong Kong Island, Lau Ka Fai loved roast goose.

But ever since he discovered that Strip Zhong, a talented entrepreneur, had been selling roast goose for 20 years in Chinatown in the United States, he is fighting roast goose to the core.

because as long as you remember the roast goose, you’ll remember the Zhong strip.

As long as he remembered Zhong’s strip, he would remember Fang Jiaxin’s defecting relationship with him, which made everyone on Hong Kong Island aware of it.

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especially what made it even more oppressive were women like Fang Jiaxin, who did not tread on the sun with her fingers, willing to stalk Zhong’s strip and sell roast goose for half a year in Chinatown, making his heart ache even more.

but for those who had been injured, no matter how strong they were on the plains, they were certainly weak of heart, also known as vulnerable in the trial of choice.

although Lau Ka Fai was strong and isolated on Hong Kong Island, more and more because of this, he became more and more obsessed with the green hat he was wearing at the time.

Fang Jiaxin’s face was embarrassed at this.

He has been very popular with Liu Jiahui for as long as I have known him, and after giving birth to one of Liu Jiahui’s children, Liu Jiahui held him in the palm of his hand.

however, there were enough things that p had at the time that often made him very anxious.

because he knows that it is often Liu Jiahui’s mine income, and the main reason why Liu Jiahui deprived himself of his assets and because of the existence of these mine income.

when it wasn’t for this, it would have been like a person who was at least valued and less trusted by Liu Jiahui, just as Liu Jiahui’s assets should naturally have been half of his own.

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This is a strategy, a wrong strategy.

Looking at the soft declarations of the two, Charlie concluded in his heart, but wondered curiously, “What’s wrong with you two? Is something wrong with the roast goose?”

Liu Jiahui spoke shyly: “No, no, that’s mainly because the family doesn’t provide roast geese today. When Mr. Wadee likes it, I’ll ask someone to prepare it at night!” ”.


Charlie nodded and sighed, “At least I love the crispy, greasy taste of roast goose, combined with the sweet osmanthus juice, this is real…”

Liu Jiahui’s tone was even more crushed, he even thought that Charlie was planning to raise roast goose for food.

however, on second thought, quite a few people should know about Zhong’s strip selling roast goose at America’s allies.

After all, the information that Strip Zhong was about to be deported was fairly recent, whereas when he was released, he did not reveal what Strip Zhong was doing in the Allied States.

So, remembering this, he felt a little calmer, thinking that Charlie might be enough to say the roast goose the same way.

After that, he squeezed the hot lead and spoke with a smile: “It seems that Mr. Ye has done a lot of research on Cantonese preparations. If that’s the case, then I’m going to ask someone to make more brine, roast goose, and roast pigeon tonight. !”

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Charlie smiled smugly, showed a thumbs up, and said, “Mr. Liu is very exclusive about his career! To be honest, he used to come to Hong Kong Island with my dad when he was young. he is fresh in my memory!”

Liu Jiahui curiously asked: “Oh? I don’t know if Mr. Wade remembers what roast goose he wanted when he was little. When he’s driving, I’ll beg the wind to buy it for you!

Charlie nodded, paused for a moment, and spoke with a confident face, “If I remember correctly, Roast Goose should say roast goose stall. I really can’t decide on the exact position, but I don’t know. he feels like. However, the memories are still fresh, and the taste is absolutely amazing, and I still have an unforgettable taste left!

Roast Goose is a roast goose shop opened by Daddy Zhong on Hong Kong Island.

The old man has worked hard for ten years to make Roast Goose the most reputable brand of roast goose on Hong Kong Island. has been at the affordable Michelin restaurant chain on Hong Kong Island for years. very prominent on Hong Kong Island.


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