Charlotte Crosby Soon Grace BBC Reality Show to Share Her Pregnancy Journey

Charlotte Crosby Soon Grace BBC Reality Show to Share Her Pregnancy Journey
Charlotte Crosby Soon Grace BBC Reality Show to Share Her Pregnancy Journey

So, are you wondering where the famous celebrity Charlotte Crosby has disappeared? Well, you have to look at the actress’s Sunderland home, as she’s probably enjoying her pregnancy journey. Motherhood is always a very special part of a woman’s life, isn’t it? Therefore, the former Geordie Shore star is also having a happy time with her family around her.

However, this pregnancy also helped her land a role on a BBC show. She therefore, she is currently filming that show with her boyfriend, Jake Anders. In fact, the creators have titled the show “Charlotte in Sunderland” to air on BBC Three and iPlayer. This will also showcase some of the best things in the Northeast.

Needless to say, Charlotte Crosby is very excited to share her pregnancy journey with her viewers. So, would you like to know more about the celebrity life? Stay with us until the end as we share some exciting insights into her life. Let’s take a quick tour!

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Who is Charlotte Crosby?

Are you a fan of Charlotte Crosby? Well then you are at the right place as we will be sharing some of the interesting aspects of her life. As you know, she is an English TV personality. However, she is popularly known to fans of her for appearing on the MTV reality series “Geordie Shore.” In fact, she also won the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The cute celebrity was born on May 17, 1990 in Sunderland, England. She is therefore currently 32 years old. According to sources, Crosby completed her education at St. Anthony’s Catholic Academy for Girls. Although she had initially thought of studying criminology in college, she later dropped out after her creators cast her on the reality series Geordie Shore.

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Therefore, Crosby was originally a cast member of this MTV reality series that he starred in in 2011. In fact, he participated in twelve seasons of the show. At the same time, she became famous for her on-and-off relationship with her co-star Gaz Beadle. However, in 2016 she announced her departure from the show.

Take a look at Crosby’s Glorius run

As we mentioned earlier, Crosby became a part of the popular MTV reality series “Geordie Shore.” She was a part of that show for twelve seasons. However, in 2012, she also appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards along with other cast members. They had presented prizes to the winners at this show.

At the same time, Crosby participated in the twelfth series Celebrity Big Brother. She was also the winner of the series. Also, in 2012, she was a regular panelist on “This Morning” panel for a fashion chapter. In 2014, the celebrity confirmed that she would have her own show on TLC. In fact, it was a great achievement for her. So on this show, she started spending time with people from different cultures and living with some of the world’s unique communities. The series was titled “The Charlotte Crosby Experience.”

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Needless to say, Crosby had one show after another to come. The actor also occasionally hosts MTV News and a regular column in Star Magazine. He has also made several guest appearances on some of the most popular reality shows.

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Charlotte Crosby will appear on a BBC program shortly to share her pregnancy journey

Charlotte Crosby Will Appear On A Bbc Program Shortly To Share Her Pregnancy Journey
Charlotte Crosby Soon Grace BBC Reality Show to Share Her Pregnancy Journey 2

As you may have heard, Charlotte Crosby is soon to become a mother. She says: “I am beyond excited to bring my crazy life, my business ventures, my much loved family, my future husband and my precious belly to the BBC.”

Additionally, the bosses behind the ten-part series say it will provide an “honest and surprising lens on the multifaceted world of Charlotte.” Therefore, you will see her with close friends and family. Thus, viewers will even witness the moment when her boyfriend Jake, a Mancunian businessman, moves in with her and how they prepare to be her parents. Sounds interesting, right?

However, this experience is going to be very emotional as Charlotte had an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 with her then-boyfriend Gaz Beadle. But she was unable to save her child and therefore suffered from PTSD. But actually, she got an ultrasound and shared how she felt after seeing her son. In addition, she has also collected some names.

Crosby shared that last month, when she saw her baby on the ultrasound, healthy, with a beating heart, she felt nothing short of a miracle.

Charlotte Crosby has gained immense popularity after starring in Geordie Shore Show

Charlotte Crosby is currently one of the hottest young celebrities in the Hollywood film industry. She got her start after she starred on MTV’s Georgie Shore a decade ago. Since then, she has developed a huge social media presence. Crosby has almost eight million followers on Instagram.

So there is no doubt that his BBC show will once again be a huge hit. Crosby wants all of her viewers, especially those expecting mothers, to watch the show, as she will share all of her hardships and happy moments with everyone.

Charlotte reveals the gender of her unborn child

According to sources, the former Geordie Shore star shared the news of her pregnancy style with her family and friends. In addition, she also made special arrangements to honor the occasion. So the mom-to-be has revealed that she is expecting a girl later this year.

The pregnant star also showed off her baby bump in a gorgeous orange jumpsuit. A plane flew over the roof of the place to reveal the inscription in the sky that said that Jake and Charlotte were expecting a girl. As soon as the writing appeared, Charlotte excitedly shouted, “She’s a girl!” In fact, several cannons of pink confetti filled the air for almost ten minutes.

Following this announcement, several stars wished for Charlotte and Jake. They were very happy that Charlotte was going to be a mother soon. This was very sensitive for the celebrity since she lost her first child in 2016.

Final note

So, as a conclusion, we can say that Charlotte Crosby is a famous TV personality. In fact, she has also received several prestigious awards. She can often be seen hosting some popular reality shows. She is currently living the happiest part of her life and enjoying her maternity stage. We hope that she gives birth to a healthy child and stays happy.

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