Chasing after my ex wife is not easy chapter 2152 by wishnovel

Chasing after my ex wife is not easy chapter 2152 by wishnovel
Chasing after my ex wife is not easy chapter 2152 by wishnovel

Chasing after my ex wife is not easy chapter 2152 by wishnovel

When Isadora saw Vireo laugh, she felt even more embarrassed. “Holden, I’m sorry. I feel that I am a woman, so I must know how to cook. I wanted to cook something nice for you and I’m afraid you’ll be hungry, but…”

However, he had already finished using all the ingredients in Holden’s fridge. In the end, she didn’t even manage to make a single decent dish. He was thinking that he had seen Jane making gnocchi when she had nothing to do at home. She had put tomatoes and some vegetables in it and the gnocchi was extremely delicious. The gnocchi were easy to make. It was just mashing and mixing some flour, potatoes and egg, and everything was ready after boiling. In the end, Isadora couldn’t make gnocchi even after finishing a small bag of flour that Vireo had bought. Instead, her face, hair, and apron were covered in flour.

Since he couldn’t make gnocchi, he thought of making flan. Isadora had often seen Jane making cream puddings for the children. It was very delicious and very smooth. When she made custard puddings for the children, even though she made it for the children, Jane always made something for Isadora too. They were only a few eggs, but Isadora enjoyed them very much every time she ate them. The custard pudding was so easy to make. She was just whipping up some eggs and milk and bringing it to a boil over medium heat. In the end, the flan Isadora made turned black and covered in bubbles. How could she have the slightest sense of softness?

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Isadora was so downcast. Seeing that more than an hour had already passed, she was thinking that Vireo should wake up soon. What should she do? What should she do? Isadora was so anxious that she almost cried. However, she had to do what she said she would do. She had said that she was going to cook for Holden. Screwing! I was going to do my best! She put the pan on the stove and then imitated the way Jane fried the eggs. She poured some oil and then directly broke the eggs into the pan.

This must work! Ha ha!’

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Isadora then put the lid on the pan (AYI#QA) waited as she stood in front of the pan. She wondered how long it would take for the eggs to cook. She waited and waited. In fact, it hadn’t been that long. It was only a few minutes. When she removed the lid, she saw that the eggs were all burnt. Oh! Isadora actually felt so embarrassed that she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Just when she had no idea what she should do, Holden woke up unexpectedly and went into the kitchen. He had turned the entire kitchen into a huge mess like the ruins after a war.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Holden.” Isadora hung her head and was very embarrassed.

After Holden finished laughing, he walked in front of Isadora and looked carefully at the girl with a face covered in flour, soot, and eggs. He suddenly thought of how she could be so cute. She was so cute that her heart had completely melted. She was so big that he couldn’t bear to let her go. He slammed the girl into her arms in one fell swoop and placed her stubbled chin on top of her head. Then he softly murmured, “Isadora, you truly are the priceless treasure God has given me. My girlfriend. From now on, you are my girl, my life and my everything.”

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Isadora was so moved that she cried. She snuggled into her arms. “But Holden, I’m so stupid. I thought she could cook. I’m already in my thirties. How is it possible that she doesn’t even know how to cook? I can’t even make dishes that simple.” “You don’t know how to cook, but I do,” the man said softly.

Isadora looked at Vireo with teary eyes. “You…don’t need me to cook for you?” “Silly girl, have you forgotten that we just got home from the restaurant? In fact, I’m not hungry at all,” Vireo said.

“I saw that you didn’t eat anything at the restaurant, and you had already slept for almost two hours after you got home. I was afraid you were hungry, but I don’t know how to do anything. I’ve really embarrassed myself.” Isadora had a nasal voice and was particularly embarrassed.