Check Indosat Credit

Check Indosat Credit
Check Indosat Credit

If you are an Indosat card user, you should know how to check the Indosat credit that we will share below.

As we know, with the development smartphoneCurrently, the use of credit is not limited to just SMS and phone calls.

With credit, you can buy Internet packages, share credit with other Indosat users, buy call packages, etc.

To check your Indosat credit, there are at least 2 easy ways to do it. Here is the explanation.

Check Indosat credit via USSD/UMB

Indosat Credit Check

This series of UMB or USSD codes is also usually short and easy to remember. For example, to check Indosat pulses, the required USSD code is *123#.

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By typing and dialing the code in the call menu, users can already get the services and information they want.

  1. First, open the call page view on your cell phone, enter the code US dollar * 123 #.
  2. Then press the button to call which is green at the bottom of the view.
  3. Wait a few moments until a pop-up notification appears with information about the amount of your credit. In addition, this pop-up window also provides information about the active period of your credit and various menus offered by the Indosat operator.

Through the MyIM3 app

Check Indosat Credit Online

The following is the easiest and most practical way to check the remaining credit of Indosat. Use of the MyIM3 application, which is an application in the form of digital services provided by Indosat Ooredoo to meet the needs of its users.

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With the MyIM3 app, you can not only check the remaining credit and Internet fee, but also get detailed information about the Indosat card you are using.

Starting from the card number, the active period, the number of points, various promotional credits and data packages, questionnaires and other Indosat entertainment programs.

You can use the MyIM3 app directly and free of charge as follows.

  • Download the MyIM3 app from the Google Play Store (Android only) or App Store (iOS only).
  • Then open the app and sign up for an account or profile along with the Indosat Ooredoo number you are using.
  • Once you have registered, you can log in. All information about the Indosat Ooredoo card you use will appear on the application.
  • Then confirm and verify the registration and enter the application.
  • Now you can carry out various activities that range from checking credit, checking internet fees, to buying balance or Indosat data packages directly, through the MyIm3 application.
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For now, the only way to check the remaining Indosat credit can be done in the two ways above.

So, I hope this article will be useful for you readers.