Chinese betel leaf benefits can reduce high blood pressure

Chinese betel leaf benefits can reduce high blood pressure
Chinese betel leaf benefits can reduce high blood pressure–Chinese betel leaf benefits can reduce high blood pressureThere are so many types of plants in it that we can even find them around walls and rocks.

For those who do not know the benefits of this plant, it can be considered as a weed that actually has so many benefits that this Chinese betel has.

much of the content that betel leaves have, such as being able to lower high blood pressure and can even prevent the arrival of cancer cells, the content of the Chinese betel plant (Peperomia pellucida).

Here we will provide some recommendations on the benefits of Chinese betel leaf that we have summarized from several reliable sources.

Based on the research conducted by Septian Kurniasari, a professor in the D3 Pharmacy Studies Program at the Islamic University of Madura, he revealed the various ingredients that the Chinese betel plant or Peperomia pellucida possesses, namely:

  • Triterpenoids.
  • alcohol.
  • Saponin.
  • Tannin.
  • Flavonoid.
  • calcium oxalate.
  • Essential oil or essential oil.
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Health Benefits of Chinese Betel Leaf

Chinese betel leaf has become a herbal plant that can cure diseases and maintain the health of the human body.

This information about Chinese betel leaf benefits is shown so that we do not rely too much on chemical drugs that have dangerous side effects by following some of the Chinese betel leaf health benefits.

cancer treatment

Research conducted by Eric J. Fielding Sebastien Leprince of the California Institute of Technology along with Anthony Sladen of the National Center for Scientific Research in France affirms that the content of the Chinese betel plant has potential as an anticancer.

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high blood treatment

Chinese betel leaf or also known as betel ground is a wild food, superfood, and herbal medicine that is useful in helping to control high blood pressure (hypertension).

This is explained by Nissa Wargadipura, founder of the Ath Thaariq Islamic ecology boarding school in Garut, West Java.

gout treatment

Gout is a disease that often causes pain and warmth in joints, such as the toes, fingers, and knees.

Research by Susie O Sio said that Chinese betel leaf can be used as herbal medicine to treat gout.

Even in the Philippines, this Chinese betel plant is listed among the 10 medicinal plants approved by the Ministry of Health to help lower uric acid levels.

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Every medicine or herbal medicine must have side effects, therefore you also need to be aware of the side effects that will occur.

It is mandatory to be careful about some of the risks of the following Chinese betel leaf side effects:

  • indigestion or constipation
  • Dangerous for people with asthma because it increases the risk of asthma symptoms.

Always consult a doctor before using herbal remedies or Chinese betel leaf plants.


That is the information we can transmit about Chinese betel leaf benefits can reduce high blood pressure Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful to you.