Cikarang Viral Celebrity Video Link to FYP on TikTok

Cikarang Viral Celebrity Video Link to FYP on TikTok
Cikarang Viral Celebrity Video Link to FYP on TikTok– Cikarang Viral Celebrity Video Link to FYP on TikTok. What about the Cikarang celebrities who went viral on TikTok? Here is the explanation.

For you TikTok FYP users (for your page), the “Promi Cikarang” video from yesterday, June 20, 2022, will be shown. What do you have to do with today’s celebrities? Please see description below.

Many Tiktok videos that have appeared lately make fun of the Tiktok Videos post. Where the video went viral, with a Douyin user claiming to be a Sikrang celebrity.

The account that keeps Sikrang residents busy is called Ara***720_New Link Viral Video Nalgalia G Viral Tiktok and Instagram Check out the TikTok video uploaded on Monday, June 20, 2022, a woman posing with two men. The uploaded videos are accompanied by the following information:

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“Sikrang residents should know who (?) Ig_hen***Azi*** Bep,” he wrote.

Viral Cikarang Celebrity Video Link

Judging from his TikTok description, the owner of the video admitted to taking photos with a Cikarang celebrity.

And Cikarang residents are sure of the two men referred to in the caption.

The video that was uploaded suddenly caught the attention of Cikarang residents.

Those who don’t know the Cikarang star in question have a lot of comments @@ara***720_ video

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Here are some comments from netizens about TikTok videos:

“Sorry about the Cikarang guy but I don’t know who he is,” wrote @sli***.

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“I lived in Cikarang for 25 years until I got a real man from Cikarang, I don’t know who they are,” @hay*** wrote, “Well I don’t know who he is in Sikarang and what kind of artist he is.”

@tkd*** wrote “I don’t know or I don’t know”.

@hei*** wrote: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t understand, I don’t want to know.”

The video received more than 600 comments. And other TikTok users have made videos mocking Cikarang celebrities. Until now, Chikarang’s celebrity videos often appear on FYPTikTok. ***

The last word: Therefore, the information that the administrator can transmit, hopefully the information that the administrator provides can add to our knowledge and knowledge.

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