Class 12 Semester 2 Uts Manual Questions and Answer Keys

Class 12 Semester 2 Uts Manual Questions and Answer Keys
Class 12 Semester 2 Uts Manual Questions and Answer Keys

Z?Is Pending Load=1Here are the questions for class 12 second semester of 2013 syllabus with answers, which you can download the complete question file by clicking the link below!

This time the author will give a class 12 2013 syllabus question and answers so that you can study it for the exam later. Because, in general, the class xii processing work questions to be tested are not very out of sync with the previous year’s questions. This 2013 class of 12 syllabus question has been equipped with an answer key. Hopefully, this xii class entrepreneurship essay question and answer can be helpful. Have a good study! Stay positive! Don’t forget to check out the other 12th grade kwu school exam questions!

1. Entrepreneurship is a process of a person seeking opportunities to satisfy needs and wants through discovery. This definition is opinion ……….A. Robin B. Savary C. Gede Prama D. GNMMKE. JA Schiunpet second. The field of business that processes natural resources into ready-to-use finished products is claimed to use the …A. service B. IndustryC. Agriculture D. MiningE. Crafttres. What is not included in the achievement of business objectives, which actually require the following characteristics …. A. Always try B. Think positive C. It is not easy to give up D. Consistent E. Initiative4. Work without being influenced by the feelings/anger that is engulfing your soul….A. hard work B. Full work C. Smart work D. Class work E. Conscious work. The important facts of the entrepreneurs are recorded and documented, all of these are related using factors…?A. Marketing B. Organization C. Manage business D. Government facilities E. Administration6. Cooperatives are business entities that are protected by law, namely…?A. Uh no. 20 of 1990B. Uh no. 23 of 1995C. Uh no. 30 year 2003D. Uh no. 25 of 1995E. Uh no. 25 of 19927. The type of organization that suits both small and large companies is the type of organization…?A. line B. Line and staffC. Functional D. Functional and lineE. Line, staff and functional8. The government, through the banks, has issued a series of regulations in order to assist the entrepreneurial capital of small indigenous companies called: A. Small investment creditB. Permanent Working Capital CreditC. KIK and KNKPD. Short-term credit E. Long-term credit 9. Bank commissions, discounts, etc., including commissions: A. Debt B. Sales and promotionC. building D. Communication expensesE. Salary/Salary 10. Look at the following documents:

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1. Deed of establishment of the business entity

2. Land Law

From the coverage above, the number explaining the documents required for a business capital loan application is….?A. 1, 2 and threeB. two, 3 and 4C. 1, triple and 4D. 2, 4 and 5E. 3, 4 and lime 11. What to consider when purchasing/providing sensory needs and tools is…..A. Efficiency and effectiveness of the sensesB. Ease of maintenance C. Its durability is based on the equipment used D. Answers A and B are valid E. Answers A, B and C are correct 12. To obtain an employee who will occupy a certain position according to the analysis of his position, it is first known as follows…..A. The nature of the person B. His experience/ability C. The nature of the people and their experience D. The status of the work in question E. Answers A, B, and C are valid 13. The main key to success in business and increased business relationships is….A . Communication B. modal C. Education D. workers. Family 14. The following are not administrative conditions to administer a SITU (Business Place Permit) are:…..A. A copy of the deed of establishment of a business entity that has been legalized by the district court B. Copies of the administrators or founders of the business entity C. Copy of the IMB of the occupied buildingD. Manage license documents E. Submit a business application to the sub-district or district chief 15. In order to obtain a business loan, there are several requirements that must be met, including…..A. There is a clear business plan B. You are completing a business license C. You are receiving help from other parties D. You are completing the last installment E. Indonesian entrepreneurs 16. Below which there are no factors that could influence the determination of the place of business are …..A. Market B. Labor C. Transportation facilities D. Supporting factors E. Capital 17. Below what is the most strategic place of business that the company most desires is…… A. Remote location based on raw materials and markets B. Its location is close to work energy use C. Cheap transportation costs D. Strategic location E. Regional government facility support and support 18. For an industry, the available inventory items are…..A. Standard materials and materials in the production processB. Raw materials and finished products (goods) C. Standard materials, goods in production process, finished goodsD. Goods in production process and finished/finished goodsE. Raw materials and merchandise 19. To make the best use of the selection of potential employees, it is necessary first to know the complete facts regarding…..A. Complete data on the position to be filled B. Vision and mission of the company C. Regulation of work energy D. The amount of funds for the selection E. The system and purpose of the selection20. Cross data consisting of several data objects at once is called data…..A. Panel B. First C. Cross section D. Time series E. SecondaryZ?Is Pending Load=1Z?Is Pending Load=1

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