Code of nature outside the lights –

Code of nature outside the lights –
Code of nature outside the lights –

The Code of the Dead of the Lights – It is undeniable that dreams are a phenomenon closely related to humans, since everyone must have had a dream. Dreams are a phenomenon that only occurs when we sleep

Dreams are also a tool that is said to be able to unravel the mystery of the events that will happen to us in the future. Not only that, many people also consider dreams as a form of communication from our subconscious to provide information about events that will occur in the near future.

So, for those of you who are looking for a blackout code, you are right on this site, because in this discussion, I will review the blackout code according to the old Javanese horoscope and boner. For more details, you can see the discussion below.

Nature’s code for blackouts according to Erek Erek’s book

Nature Code Off Lights
Nature Code Off Lights

As we commented a little before, we will try to interpret dreams from various points of view; Therefore, if you read this article, you will definitely find some more complex and comprehensive dream meanings.

We read a lot of literature and write or summarize it completely for you. Are you curious to interpret your dreams? So, without further ado, just take a look at the discussion below.

  1. Extinct dreams according to Erek Erek
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Some experts say that if a person dreams of going out, it is a sign that what he wants and wants will happen soon.

2D (42-68) 3D (309-518) 4D (2781-4925)

  1. Dreams go out according to the Javanese Primbon

There is a relic of an ancient book of the ancestors of the Javanese that contains predictions on the interpretation of dreams. Dreaming or dreaming of seeing a dead light in Javanese primbon is foretold as a sign that something good is coming, it may be in the form of a wish fulfillment or it may be a way out of the problems you are facing.

2D (04-38) 3D (281-570) 4D (3072-6385)

  1. Dreams disappear according to Islamic interpretation

One of the famous interpreters of dreams in Islam is Ibn Sirin, this figure is very skilled in the interpretation of dreams. Well, dreaming or dreaming of a blackout according to the Islamic interpretation, is a good sign that you will obtain an abundance of halal fortune for the efforts you have made so far.

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2D (32-41) 3D (319-526) 4D (7105-8361)

  1. The dream of turning off the lights according to the ancients

According to some dream experts and early Javanese, if someone dreams of it, then the person experiencing the dream will in the near future receive the item that was originally lost.

2D (08-72) 3D (081-362) 4D (3901-4752)

  1. Extinct dreams according to psychology

Psychology is a field of science that is closely related to the mental or psychological condition of a person, so dreaming or having a weak dream seen from a psychological perspective is a symbol that you are facing a complicated situation that is happening . if you feel depressed, but then the condition will improve quickly.

2D (02-47) 3D (310-427) 4D (4291-5803)

  1. Dreaming of turning off the lights according to Mbah Semar

Mbah Semar is a symbol of a puppet character who is well known to be wise and good at predicting the future. According to the prophecy of Mbah Semar, if our dreams or dreams are erased, it is a sign that whoever realizes that dream will get a great reward in the near future.

2D (74-89) 3D (291-328) 4D (3918-4297)

  1. Dreaming of turning off the lights according to Mbah Sukro
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Not only Mbah Semar but Mbah Sukro is also very good at fortune telling or fortune telling based on the dreams we experience.

According to Mbah Sukro, if you dream or dream that it goes out, then it is a sign that you will meet the “Golden Mountain” or receive a windfall.

2D (40-72) 3D (492-530) 4D (9205-0761)

  1. The dream goes out according to Mbah Toto

Surely you know Mbah Toto, this talkative character is very famous for his precision when interpreting the meaning of dreams. Well, dreaming or having a dream about a power outage is an image that he will get an unexpected fortune in the near future.

2D (38-69) 3D (391-720) 4D (8035-9417)

  1. Dreaming of turning off the lights according to Mbah Garong

According to the prophecy or hunch of Mbah Garong, if someone dreams of a blackout, it is a sign that they will get out of debt problems. So you don’t have to worry anymore if you have a dream like this.

2D (41-72) 3D (208-519) 4D (7219-8394)

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