Coinbase BTC Transactions to Taproot Addresses Stuck in Pending Status

Coinbase BTC Transactions to Taproot Addresses Stuck in Pending Status
Coinbase BTC Transactions to Taproot Addresses Stuck in Pending Status

Shortly after its founding in 2012, Coinbase became one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. The platform faces stiff competition from companies like Cash App and Robinhood in the US.

With over 43 million users, Coinbase made a net profit of $2.36 billion in the first half of 2021.

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However, in recent months, Coinbase users have been facing issues such as being unable to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and account freezing due to technical difficulties in processing ACH transfers.

Adding to the issue, many Coinbase users are complaining about BTC transactions to Taproot addresses stuck on the pending message or displaying an unsupported message (1,two,3,4,5).

Some say that the transaction is stuck several hours after they started it. Others say that Coinbase displays an error message saying that sending BTC to Taproot addresses is not supported at this time.

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You can see in the image below what the error message looks like.

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@CoinbaseSupport Tons of coinbase customers have problem with Coinbase BTC transaction to Taproot address. How many days do you need to solve the problem and unlock the customers’ btc?

Hi, I made a mistake and sent my BTC from BC Pro to a primary address. CB initiated the transfer and stayed on “pending” for the last 8 hours. No transaction hash, no confirmation yet. Since there is no transaction hash, I am unable to properly communicate with your customer support. Does anyone have experience with this? Does the transaction finally fail? if so, how long? If the transaction is successful, could I send from my main ledger wallet to my Segwit ledger wallet afterwards?

Fortunately, Coinbase support has shed some light on the matter and said that they are aware of the issue where BTC to Taproot transactions are stuck on a pending or unsupported message.

Hello Haya! Thank you for contacting us here! Our team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. You can also create a support case from the link below, and our team will be happy to discuss it further. Thank you!

But there is no ETA on when the issue will be resolved. When they do, we’ll update this space to reflect the same, so be sure to keep an eye on PiunikaWeb in the coming days.

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