Connect to WiFi without a password on your smartphones

Connect to WiFi without a password on your smartphones
Connect to WiFi without a password on your smartphones

How to connect wifi without password. You’re at a neighbor’s house and you’re supposed to be connected to their Wi-Fi. What if that acquaintance doesn’t know your password? To find the solution to this problem, he googled to find ways that could connect to wireless networks without knowing what password. So there is no need for you to retrieve it in an extremely complicated way, which is why it is on my site.

This was the time when WiFi was very limited and smartphones didn’t come with WiFi or other features. they were not available at the time, therefore people could connect to any WiFi. There was no concern at the moment that your data could be stolen. people could just walk into their house with an old laptop or gaming rig and play.

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Therefore, many people did not ask for any security password. However, the situation is not reversed due to the increasing threat of cyber crime, every smartphone has WiFi capability and many other reasons. To make it easier for users, companies have provided a variety of options to users on how to connect to any WiFi, without password intervention.

How to connect Wi-Fi without password step by step?

Contrary to what you may think, in certain situations it is possible to connect through the Internet without knowing the security passwords very quickly. Here we will show what, in my opinion, is the fastest and most efficient way to apply in situations like this.

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Wi-Fi Master

The app in question is so popular that it is downloaded and used by more than 5 million people around the world. Wifi Master app works only when you have rooted your Android device. Please root your device first and then launch this app to find the wireless link password. With WiFi Password Show, simply copy the password to the clipboard and paste it to the appropriate location to bind it to the system. With this program you can also chat about the password through your email.

WiFi Warden – Free Wi-Fi Access

WiFi Warden app is just one more free WiFi app that works with both Android and iPhones. iPhone users can download the app through iTunes to experience fast, seamless WiFi connectivity around the world. In addition to helping you find free WiFi hotspots, it also connects to a network in minutes with ease. If you install WiFi Warden via Google Play Store Google Play Store, it can help you to connect to any WiFi without password in just one click.

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This trick is very easy. Most routers support WPS options. Otherwise this method will not work. This is a great trick to verify connection to secure WiFi without password. Let us know how you feel about this article, and also your suggestions and opinions in the comments section below.