Courtney Hope finds a ‘partner in solitude’ while discussing art forms

Courtney Hope finds a ‘partner in solitude’ while discussing art forms
Courtney Hope finds a ‘partner in solitude’ while discussing art forms

Courtney Hope has found a ‘partner in solitude’ as she talks about expression through art forms.. The Bold And The Beautiful star couldn’t be more inspiring if she tried!

Courtney Hope, 32, is best known for playing Sally Spectra in both B&B and The Young And The Restless. The talented fashion designer from the city of Genoa is also the great-niece of the B&B’s namesake, Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley). She truly is an icon…

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Courtney Hope finds ‘partner in loneliness’

Courtney Hope has taken to Instagram to share an insightful post with followers that quotes: “Art is a deep expression of oneself and how we relate to ourselves and the world at large.”

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Hope acts as an ambassador and sits on the board of directors for the Breaking The Chains foundation. It is an organization “established to change the way we view eating disorders and the people affected by them”. Hope reposted an Instagram shared by the foundation’s account.

In the post, Hope explains that she considers herself an artist who has many different forms of expression. Some of which include acting, writing, painting, drawing, photography, poetry reading, music, and public speaking. Many of these hobbies have been shared with fans through images on Instagram. Hope always shares motivational messages, poems, and her clever photography. Hope also loves to express herself through dance and music, often combining the two to create art.

Courtney loves freestyle and dancing seems to be Sally’s form of expression as well. While on the B&B set, the actor shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the character pretending to be dying to win back her boyfriend, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). The actor “couldn’t resist dancing” and joked, “some of the many moments in which he was recorded”.

Courtney Hope talks about expression through art forms

Art is healing for Hope and she uses it as a therapeutic and cathartic practice to “awaken a new level of growth”. The actress also likes to look at, listen to and read other people’s works of art and she loves that “it all depends on the interpretation”.

Courtney reveals that she feels more at ease when she is or is surrounded by art. She goes on to reveal that “Art has made me feel like I have a companion in the midst of loneliness.” Some fans have taken this as a clue as to her relationship status.

The actor was married to fellow soap star Chad Duell, the 34-year-old who plays Michael Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital. The couple ended their marriage eight weeks after their wedding, which was in September 2021 in a “Till Death Do Us Part”-themed wedding ceremony.

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