COVID in MM increases slightly, the battle against the virus continues

COVID in MM increases slightly, the battle against the virus continues
COVID in MM increases slightly, the battle against the virus continues

Although the alleged slight increase in COVID 19 cases in Metro Manila is NOT alarming, perhaps everyone should be fast again. Let’s not wait for the small number to suddenly increase by ignoring the small number.

The right thing to do here folks, increase kaonti msn, must be taken seriously. Where does the big number come from, not in the small number, especially when it is neglected or is ismolin.

If you look at it, why is there a slight increase in the COVID case? It is said that it is because many more do not get vaccinated. Is that the only reason? Is it not because of the stubbornness of the majority? It’s interesting because since March everything has relaxed.

Of course, the number of cases has decreased, but what has happened is that people have become too relaxed, especially in dealing with the deadly virus. Many no longer follow existing health protocols against COVID 19.

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Gone is social distancing, with many also not wearing face masks, which is now causing a slight increase in cases. Apart from this, it also seems that the government has become lax. The ordinance against those who do not wear face masks has been forgotten. Those who do not wear face masks are no longer caught or reprimanded in the streets.

Now, what do we expect to be strong again in the fight against COVID is the increase in cases, the increase in the level of alert before following the health protocol again? Please don’t, and let’s take action instead: reinstate the old COVID treatment.

Yes, the vaccine is there, but we are not unaware that a new variant comes out almost every day or that means that COVID is still there.

So let’s not wait for the case to catch fire, we just acted now because the case is starting to unfold again.

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The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has once again shown that the law is impartial and instead applies to everyone, whether they are poor or rich, influential or ordinary.

Not only did the QCPD enforce the law in the same way, but the police also showed that even if they can be considered one of the local government leaders or sometimes their partner in law enforcement, they will be arrested if they violate the law.

Proof that “nobody is above the law” is the arrest by QCPD agents of a barangay city councilwoman. The councilman was arrested under an arrest warrant.

He’s got a warrant out for his arrest, which means he’s facing a case. Of course, it’s inappropriate to pick that up just like that. We may have a hard time getting back to our polishes.

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Barangay Kagawad Glady Tan Perez was arrested on Friday June 10, 2022 on charges of forgery of public documents and perjury. According to the report, even Kagawad’s husband, Henry Antenor Perz, an IT specialist, was arrested.

According to the report of Police Major René Balmaceda, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the Quezon City Police District (CIDU-QCPD), the Pérez couple was arrested around 1:30 p.m. (June 10) at their domicile under a court order. Arrest warrant issued by Judge Peter Filip Sia Abelita of Section 132 of the Metropolitan Court of First Instance (MTC) of Quezon City in the case of forgery of public document and perjury.

However, the couple will not remain in jail yet and instead may be released once they post bail of P36,000 and P18,000 respectively.

In any case, the QCPD reaffirmed that the implementation of the law is impersonal.