Crypto Market is starting to turn bearish, consider this reversal

Crypto Market is starting to turn bearish, consider this reversal
Crypto Market is starting to turn bearish, consider this reversal

The crypto market is qualified to enter a halving cycle, i.e. a cycle that occurs every 4 years in which cryptocurrency prices tend to weaken (bearish) after posting a record high

The co-founder of one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Huobi, Du Jun said that the crypto market is currently entering the early stages of a bear market (trend down).

“We are now in the early stages of a bear market,” he said as reported by

He predicts that the crypto market will enter a bullish (up) trend in late 2024 or 2025. See what Du had to say in an interview with CNBC.

He explained that historically, the Bitcoin market had a halving cycle every 210,000 blocks or around 4 years. So the next new cycle will occur in 2024.

The halving occurred in early May 2020, when Bitcoin hit a 2021 high of $68,000.

The previous half cycle occurred in 2016 when Bitcoin hit a record high the following year. Bitcoin price then continued to weaken after hitting all-time highs.

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Halving is a condition when the reward for a Bitcoin miner (block reward) is halved after completing a 210,000 block mine, or occurs once every four years.

Now for the savvy investors who don’t want any investment because they just got into the crypto market now that it is in a downtrend, then it is good to consider other investment products that are low risk and have bright prospects this year.

However, to ensure that the investment product is legal and supervised by the authorities, yes!

Legal Investment Products

Crypto Market Is Starting To Turn Bearish Considering This Reversal
Crypto Market is starting to turn bearish considering this reversal

For smart investors who want to invest legally, safely and supervised by the authorities, mutual funds, gold and securities of retail countries are already available on the Bareksa investment instruments market. Here is the explanation:

Investment fund

Mutual funds are managed by experienced investment/IM managers and they manage their funds professionally. There are hundreds of mutual fund products at Bareksa, with various types of mutual funds, including other money market funds, fixed income funds, stock funds, mixed mutual funds, and index funds.

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Investing in mutual funds is also flexible because investors can withdraw their funds at any time. It is not necessary to wait until a certain period of time to be able to withdraw funds. Online mutual funds are convenient because everything is done online, anytime, anywhere.

Another advantage is that the minimum value of investment in mutual funds is very affordable, starting at 10 rupees. 000. Most importantly, mutual funds are supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), an independent state agency that oversees all activities in the financial sector.

Government Securities (SBN) Retail

Retail SBN is an investment product issued and guaranteed by the government through the Ministry of Finance to individuals or retail investors. The benefits of investing in retail securities include being 100 percent secure because it’s guaranteed by the state and the law, earning money while helping to provide financing for state development, and easy and convenient because it’s all done online.

The retail SBN that will be offered by the government and can also be ordered in Bareksa is the Retail State Sukuk (SR) series SR016 that will be offered from February 25 to March 16, 2021.

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An investment product that is safe, cheap and halal because according to Islamic principles it can be purchased from IDR 1 million and a maximum of IDR 2 billion. The SR016 yield is set at 4.95% fixed per annum until maturity. The yield was much higher than on deposits where the current average interest rate is only 3.5 percent per year.

Gold bar

Through Bareksa Gold, Bareksa provides physical gold investment with facilities for travelers. Bareksa Gold collaborates with partners who are licensed by the OJK as collateral companies that can run gold care businesses, namely Indogold and Pegadaian.

Investing in gold at Bareksa is very affordable, starting at IDR 50. 000 or 0.1 grams in size. Bareksa gold registration is enough to do online, after that investors can trade, buy and sell gold online.