Definition of Administration for Development – Concepts, History and Objectives

Definition of Administration for Development – Concepts, History and Objectives
Definition of Administration for Development – Concepts, History and Objectives

Development Management Definition – they are resources used by a country or government to carry out growth, development and to change the direction of a condition.

This time, will give a lesson on the Definition of Development Management. Where this lesson will be clearly explained, based on Definition, Scope, History and Objectives.

Definition of Development Management

The Administration for Development is a resource used by a country or government to carry out growth, development and change the course of a condition that is considered the best, as well as to promote various aspects of national life.

Definition Of Development Management

Development management, which in this case is closely related to the development efforts and activities carried out and developed by a government agency and all its personnel.

Speaking of development management, this will be closely related to the development efforts and actions taken by the government and all its employees.

In addition to government, development efforts are also heavily influenced by the business world, scientists, theoreticians, especially in the economic field, and of course society as a whole. To better understand what development management means, here are several definitions according to experts:

  • Adre Sukmayadi
    According to Adre Sukmayadi, the definition of development management is within the framework of the state system, which is capable of advancing to the stage of change and reform, as well as adjustment, and is supportive of a plan.
  • Mbah Kirun Rasid
    Based on the opinion of Mbah Kirun Rasid, the definition is a series of actions carried out for planned and structured growth and changes that are carried out consciously by the nation, state and government and will relate to changes in the modernity in the context of national education. .
  • Faris Abdullah |
    According to Faris Abdullah, the definition of development management is the stage of state or government control of business, which aims to achieve the previously planned desire for mutual growth for a country that is considered better and advanced in various aspects of national life. .
  • Saoki Ade Ali
    Based on the opinion of Saoki Ade Ali, Understanding Administration for Development is a description of the increase or development that occurs in an administration in the form of a development program.
  • Muhammad’s gift
    Definition of Administration for Development Proceeding from the opinion expressed by Fandi Karunia Muhammad that, according to him, Administration for Development is an activity to process and manage society in the economic field and leads to social change in terms of decision making. public policy decisions.
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Scope Development Administration

Development Administration
In this case, the Development Administration is an administrative activity carried out from and for development purposes.

The implementation uses a management approach, because it will be associated with development management, which includes:

  • development planning
  • Resource allocation
  • budget

Management Development
Regarding the administrative changes as a consequence of the development of the concept, there have been developments in the bureaucracy with the following elements:

  • The bureaucracy must be able to encourage public participation.
  • The bureaucracy should not be on the side of the strong, but instead focus on the less powerful.
  • Bureaucracy plays an important role in managing and empowering society.
  • The bureaucracy must be open and responsible.

History of Development Administration

Development thinking ranges from public administration to development administration. The execution of activities in the state requires the development of new disciplines, which are the means and infrastructure to achieve the development of the state and the nation from the point of management view. evenly in all areas.

Basically, the development administration is a development of the public administration system, therefore, the general rules that exist in the public administration also apply to the development administration.

As for the development of state administration scientists, they give a different meaning to these two concepts, namely:

  • Administration of developing countries.
  • Administration that already exists in a developing country.

The administration is located in a developed country. The conclusion of the opening of the Group’s administration provides a decision on the need to establish a development development to show the progress of society in developing countries. According to him, it is necessary to establish this development administration for several reasons, namely:

  • That the theory of public administration science, which they have learned and developed, cannot be easily transferred to some developing countries.
  • All the help provided in the form of the administrative sector to achieve their goals, experts feel the need to create a new scientific discipline that can be applied in all development activities in all its aspects.
  • In order to develop up-to-date administrative knowledge in accordance with the requirements of local practice, scientists or experts who have experience working in their country and in other countries, are placed as part of the foreign assistance and consider it necessary to develop comparative studies in the field of management.
  • There is still a big gap between rich and poor countries. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of national cooperation in an effort to accelerate these development activities.
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According to Andre Sukmayadi, there are several factors that influence the development of the Development Administration in each country.

From these political factors, it is closely related to stability in the political field.

And political stability is a prerequisite that must be created before development begins for it to occur.

  • In terms of economic factors, economic factors are one aspect of a development and have the most tangible impact on other aspects. On the other hand, in developing countries, development is a priority.
  • Sociocultural factors. These factors include the main social culture, motivation and concern for change, lifestyle, way of thinking, outlook on life, etc., which are related to social problems.
  • Factors in the development of science and technology, as well as the physical environment. The development process requires science and technology, human resources, policy development, natural resources (resource development), the use and preservation of the environment consisting of the physical environment and working arrangements. In Indonesia itself, there are things that lead to great creativity for development, but not supported by the latest technology.
  • The administration of institutional development in this institutional aspect is to encourage an existing institution to be more effective in supporting the development process. These are some of the factors that make the State so well designed for the implementation of the Administration for Development.
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The result of Western thought is the economic factor. Economic progress is often seen as a development process that has been successfully renewed. Not surprisingly, during the New Order, Indonesia’s development goals only focused on economic factors without considering other factors that were equally important.

It is this paradigm that exists and ultimately leads to the economic dependence of developing countries on developed countries, because developing countries believe that these countries have succeeded in creating an extraordinary concept to achieve development goals, know, get as much wealth as possible. .

Objectives of development management

In all cases this development administration indicates that administrative actions are performed for development. In practice, this concept often uses a management approach, because it will apply to development management, which includes:

development planning
Development planning is necessary so that development needs are greater than available resources. Therefore, development planning is very important to make the right decisions and in accordance with the vision and mission of development. Elements of this plan include:

  • desired end goal
  • Goals and priorities to make this happen
  • time frame
  • Have problems to be faced
  • Capital or resources to be used
  • Policies for Implementation Suggestions
  • Organization or executive body
  • Follow-up, evaluation and follow-up of the implementation mechanisms.

Resource Development Report
Resource development is defined as an effort to direct the resources necessary to support the company’s organizational goals.

That’s the friend we can pass on this topic. Hopefully, with what we have conveyed in this article, it can provide understanding and be useful to all of you. AMEN.

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