Deundrea Holloway’s mother ‘PLEASE end toxic romance’ with ex Liese Dodd before she allegedly beheaded pregnant woman

Deundrea Holloway’s mother ‘PLEASE end toxic romance’ with ex Liese Dodd before she allegedly beheaded pregnant woman
Deundrea Holloway’s mother ‘PLEASE end toxic romance’ with ex Liese Dodd before she allegedly beheaded pregnant woman

According to information provided to FOX3 News by a source close to the investigation, Deundrea Holloway’s mother implored her son to cease his poisonous connection with ex-girlfriend Liese Dodd before he allegedly beheaded the pregnant 22-year-old.

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Holloway’s stepfather Chris Hawk spoke to FOX3 in an exclusive interview about the red flags that should have been raised in the relationship before it reached its tragic conclusion.

Hawk can think of many instances in which Holloway displayed aggressive leanings toward his mother, Carla, and sister, Lathirteen, including sending a text message threatening to kill them.

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According to Hawk, he had to get a restraining order against Holloway, but his mother let the order expire because she believed he was getting better.

Hawk recalled another time when Holloway, then 22, was “going through one of his moments” and fell out with his mother over his relationship with Liese Dodd.

Although I have never seen them in person, I heard Carla tell them that their relationship was toxic and that they should end it.

“However, he was not willing to listen to it.”

According to Hawk, Holloway had battled major mental disorders for at least three to four years, including hearing “evil voices”, one of which he nicknamed “Ruth”, even for as long as he had.

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“He started talking to himself, behaving strangely and rocking back and forth on the couch,” Hawk recalled.

The stepfather described a case in which Holloway experienced one of his peculiar episodes in the living room.

“And all the time he was like, ‘No, no, shut up, Ruth.’ No,’” Falcon said.

The would-be killer was having one of his “moments” when he began to rant very loudly, prompting Holloway’s mother to speak louder than usual so she could cut off his screaming and remind him that Ruth isn’t real.

Following the discovery of Dodd’s skeletal remains at her home in Alton, Illinois, on June 9, 2022, Holloway was taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

The woman’s head was discovered in a trash can outside her residence, according to court documents acquired by the St. Louis Dispatch.

Dodd, who was due to give birth in July and was currently eight months pregnant, was planning a baby shower with her family, which was scheduled for this month.

According to his relatives, the unborn child was to be his first child.

Noel had gone to see her when he found her remains, according to Chief Marcos Pulido of the Alton Police Department, who told the media.

He claimed that she was “brutally murdered” and that the act was “beyond terrible.”

Pulido stated, “This mom-to-be and her family were planning a baby shower for June, but now they are throwing a funeral for a monster.”

Police said Holloway and Dodd dated on and off for about two years.

Two counts of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child have been filed against Holloway, who is currently being held without bail.

In addition to these charges, he is being investigated for the mutilation of a human body, the cover-up of a homicide resulting in death, and rapes involving motor vehicles.