Devry Student Portal Login [Devry University Alumni Login] All you need to know.

Devry Student Portal Login [Devry University Alumni Login] All you need to know.
Devry Student Portal Login [Devry University Alumni Login] All you need to know.

Devry University is a private university located in Long Beach, California. It was founded in 1911 as a two-year dental school and later upgraded to a four-year college, finally becoming a university in 1969. It has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges since 1928. It is one of the pioneer universities in California.

Devry University Campus
View of the Devry University campus

What is the Devry Student Portal?

Devry Student Portal is a simple and easy to use online portal for college students. It allows them to access their classes and other campus resources. The Devry University Alumni Portal is designed to help alumni connect and stay in touch. It also provides information on upcoming events and university news.

The official website of Devry University offers its students a wide range of information. From accepted students to alumni to current students, this is the place to get all the details on rewards, financial aid and scholarships, campus life and student clubs, career services, and a list of available academic courses.

The Devry Student Portal is divided into several sections. Is it so:

HOME: The Devry Student Portal Home section is where students can get an overview of everything on your portal. In the home section, students can view upcoming conferences and receive notification of funding opportunities and messages from the faculty.

GO TO CLASS: This section highlights upcoming conferences and scheduled events.

E-BOOKS: Devry University provides hundreds of e-books for its students for free. In the eBook sections, students can view and download course resources and other helpful materials provided by course instructors.

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LIBRARY: From the student panel, you can borrow books from the university. Devry University has thousands of books on its physical and digital shelves.

GRADES: The grades section allows students to view their annual and semester academic performance. Transcripts can also be downloaded in this section.

STUDENT FINANCES: Hundreds of scholarships, grants and loans are available at the university. The student financing section allows you to view financing opportunities tailored to your personal needs.

MESSAGES: This section is where you can see all messages sent to you by the school or your course instructors. Some cards are designed for you, while others are for the whole class.

MEANS: In addition to the e-books and library section, the resources section is a great way to get valuable materials and learning aids. In this section, you can watch videos, listen to audio, and read articles relevant to your learning and as recommended by your tutors.

CONTACT US: While the Devry portal is robust and has everything you need, you can communicate with your tutors and other teaching staff directly in this section. It can be for consultations or for complaints.

Devry University Online Learning Portal

The Devry University Learning Management System is a comprehensive, university-wide academic program that gives students the tools to fully participate in their education. With educational products and services, you’ll have access to course materials, assessment and feedback tools, collaboration opportunities, and personalized support that help you succeed at Devry University.

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How do I log in to the Devry student portal?

In order to successfully login to the Devry student portal, you must visit the login portal at

  • Find the username and password field on the page
  • Enter your username to log in to the Devry University portal
  • Enter your password to log in to the DeVry student portal
  • Click the login button

If you are having difficulty logging into the Devry student portal, please contact customer service at 888-338-7934

What is Devry University Alumni Login?

The Devry University Alumni Portal is like the student portal. It is an online portal for Alumni of the university. It provides the platform for alumni to interact with administration, request transcripts and other academic records, and donate to the university.

How do I login to Devry University alumni login?

To access Devery University alumni login. Users must:

Common issues with the Devry online portal

In your attempt to log in to the DeVry student and alumni portal, you may encounter some challenges. Fortunately, you are not alone. These challenges are common, and we’ve provided common solutions below.

I don’t have a username for the Devry online portal

This is a common problem among students at every university that has been addressed. The simple solution for this is:

For students who have never logged into the portal or mobile app, your default password is your month and year of birth in the following format: Mon-YYYY

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I forgot my username

If you have forgotten your username, you can reset it by following the procedure below:

  • Visit the username reset page here
  • Enter your name and the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Solve the Captcha challenge
  • Click submit.
  • Your username will be displayed on the screen if you have provided the correct information.

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily click on the password reset link accessible here and enter your username.

Other problems

In addition to the issues mentioned above, students may also face other technical challenges. Below are some of the most common problems, along with contact information for people you can contact to teach them how to solve them.


(877) 306-4283


(800) 734-4272


(800) 734-4272


(800) 261-5156


(888) 470-1531


[email protected]


This concludes the detailed guide on Devry student portal and Devry university alumni.

Many resources are available to students, including career services, financial aid, financial education programs, and more. Whether you’re a Devry student or alumni looking to connect with your old school or learn more about where you are today, the Devry University website is a great place to start.