Did Devin Booker Hit Tristan Thompson? – News235

Did Devin Booker Hit Tristan Thompson?  – News235
Did Devin Booker Hit Tristan Thompson? – News235

A fight is being watched between NBA star Devin Booker and another sports star, Tristan Thompson. Booker allegedly punched Thompson in the face, giving him a black eye.

The word on social media is that Devin Booker punched Tristan Thompson at a celebration for Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Anastasia “Stassiee” Karanikolaou. The rumors began after it was reported that Booker’s two-year relationship with reality star and model Kendall Jenner had ended. The idea also mentioned that the couple broke up due to what was thought to have transpired between Booker and Thompson.

Recent times, on the other hand, have shown that the rumor was just a story. In real life, Booker didn’t punch Thompson or give him a black eye.

Devin Booker Hits Tristan Thompson

Devin Booker hits Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson’s ‘damage’ wasn’t inflicted by Devin Booker

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner were joined by many different celebrities, along with Tristan Thompson, in celebrating Stassie. Following the social, there have been rumors on social media that Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Thompson walked out of the social with a black eye.

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The claims were first seen on Reddit when a user started a thread on the r/KUWTK subreddit called “Does the math make sense to anyone else?” The post also had many screenshots and videos of the meeting.

The main image was of Thompson leaving the social gathering with what appeared to be a black eye. Theories about the same went viral on many social networks and were also shared by some news outlets. But when the Redditor himself noticed how quickly the information spread, he turned to his account to deny it. The one who started it wrote:

“When you clicked on the hyperlink to the article and noticed this comment, you know that this is a false story that this neighborhood broke to see if journalists would do their analysis. I apologize to Devin Booker. Spreading rumors about you that you might be violent was not true.”

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The consumer also mentioned that they did not intend to harm Booker’s career or relationships. The news that Booker and Jenner broke up is true, but it has nothing to do with him and Thompson getting into a fight, since that didn’t happen.

Devin Booker and Kendall split after two years

Sources have told snippets about what went wrong since news of their breakup broke. A source told ET that Kendall Jenner and Booker discussed their future and came to the conclusion that they were “not on the same page.”

Another source told the same publication that the supermodel felt that she and the Phoenix Suns star were going in different directions. Likewise, someone told E! Information that the couple went through a difficult time and have been apart for more than a week.

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But more information shows that there should be hope that the two stars will reunite. People say that Kendall and Booker stayed in touch because they still care about each other.

“It is evident that you are significantly better than the group in which you participate.” Tim Legler says that he doesn’t like the antics of the 3-time All-Star and his group and that there are times and places for that.

The first time the two were seen together was on a road trip to Sedona in 2020. But Devin Booker and the “Kardashian” star kept their relationship quiet until 2021, when they announced it on Instagram. For the next 12 months, they each celebrated their first marriage anniversary. Kendall and Booker’s relationship was known for the fact that they never talked about it.