Does Bigbang Pongs game really pay? real or fake

Does Bigbang Pongs game really pay?  real or fake
Does Bigbang Pongs game really pay? real or fake

Apps or games to earn money do not circulate a bit on the Internet, you need to know which ones really pay and which ones do not.

Game Big Bang Pongs

The game is a device that is used as an entertainment material or to fill free time, where the game can relieve stress and boredom.

However, nowadays, games can be used as a tool to earn money, considering today’s gaming competition is getting tougher, several developers implement a reward system if you play.

So, on this occasion, our team will provide information related to the bigbang pongs earn money game apk that is currently being used as a topic of discussion.

What is Bigbang Pong game?

Bigbang Pongs Apk game is a game that is said that you can earn money by collecting existing points, with persistence they will be collected.

Big Bang Pong Real Or Fake

The way this game works is simply by matching the ball or object that is there, so you will get a win in the game.

You can collect the gems that are there and then you can redeem these gems for real money, which maybe we are looking for right now.

For your information, the game contains ads that may annoy you, so don’t be surprised if there are ads that appear later.

Download Game Bigbang Pongs

Getting a game to win money is the easiest. But you can’t get the game on Google Play Store. For those of you who want to play games to win money, you can get them in the following discussion:

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Tested Android Games Pay

Download Bigbang Pongs Apk 1.1.7 (73 MB)

Face Install Game Bigbang Pongs

How to install Bigbang Pongs game is very easy, really. You just live and download through the link provided by ApkVenue, then all you have to do is install it on your Android phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download Bigbang Pongs Game software via the link that Jaka has included in this article.
  2. Once downloaded, open File Manager on your cell phone.
  3. Find the APK folder, then click on the Bigbang Pongs game you downloaded to start installing.
  4. Make sure you have given access to install software from unknown sources (Unknown Source). The trick is to open SettingsSecurityInstall unknown apps → then select file manager.
  5. Wait until the process is complete. After that, click Open to open the app.

How to play Bigbang Pongs game

The technique to play this game is quite easy. Where the visualization of this game is in the form of a group of balls.

Games To Make Money

The way to get a lot of points is by clicking on the element of the ball that has the same color. The more balls you click or get, the more PayPal balance you can accumulate. Surely this game system is the easiest to digest, right, guys.

In addition to playing the main game, you can also add balance through bonus games. At the top right, you will find a spinner icon. Click on the icon and then wait for the spin to stop spinning.

If you have enough leftovers, you can exchange the coins for as much cash as if you were using PayPal.

Therefore, before playing this game, you must first have a PayPal account and software so that you can identify the balance you have collected.

What is a Bigbang Pongs game scam?

Many have installed this game and in fact this Bigbang Pongs Game is useless to the user, if you don’t believe it you can try it yourself.

Many reviews on websites that offer the game in the comments, many people say that this software does not pay.

Some have submitted reviews on YouTube and as a result, all to no avail, they have made withdrawals several times, but the results are still not liquid.

So you do not need to use the game and explore different games which are definitely more entertaining and can also make money.

Some explanations of the material in the morning regarding “Does Bigbang Pongs game really pay? real or fake

Hopefully what I said is useful for cat lovers…!!!

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