Download Alfa TV Pro Apk for Android [Live Channels]

Download Alfa TV Pro Apk for Android [Live Channels]
Download Alfa TV Pro Apk for Android [Live Channels]

When we search and explore the entertainment industry. We found that the online market is flooded with many different online platforms including apps. However, most of them are considered premium and focus on free access. Here we introduce Alpha TV Pro.

Basically, the app we present here is a purely entertainment-based online platform. Where registered members can easily stream endless entertainment content for free. Without allowing unnecessary permissions.

Although the application that we present here is purely original. And it supports many different IPTV channels for free. If you are bored and looking for the best online source to watch your favorite TV show or series, we suggest you install this IPTV app.

What is Alpha TV Pro Apk?

Alfa TV Pro Android is considered among the best and most used online entertainment platforms. This particular application is managed exclusively by AlfaTV Team. Up to now, thousands of IPTV channels can be accessed online to stream.

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The demand for such online platforms has increased exponentially after the pandemic hit. Where people are stuck in one place and have no choice but to enjoy free time. Although most of the fans are looking for free online entertainment platforms.

Because most of the entertainment sources accessible online are considered to be premium. This means that access to those platforms requires a premium subscription. That is considered expensive and unaffordable for average mobile users.

However, considering the demand and requirement of the fan. The developers manage to bring this new app online that offers direct access to endless IPTV channels. Just download the latest Apk file and enjoy accessing unlimited channels online.

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APK Details

Name Alpha TV Pro
Version v1.0
Size 15MB
developer Alpha TV
package name
Price Free
android required 4.0 and more
Category Applications – Entertainment

In addition to offering direct access to IPTV channels, the developers claim to add this separate category for videos. Yes, now Android users can access and watch videos separately. The videos include Movies and Series.

The best part of this app is that it provides a detailed dashboard. Where fans can get raw details about movies and series. Details include actors, directors, writers, and other necessary crew members.

In order to make the streaming process smoother, the developers implant different optimization functions inside it. Including the integration of fast private servers. Due to the integration of these fast servers, viewers can stream content in smooth mode.

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There are certain key issues that Android users may experience while streaming content. That includes some key permissions and other bugs. However, the developers are continually working to fix things.

Therefore, you cannot afford to buy premium licenses. And looking for something new and unique that is free to access and does not require a subscription. So, in this regard, we recommend Android users to install Alfa TV Pro Download.

Key Features of The Apk

  • Free to download Apk.
  • Registration is required.
  • No subscription required.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • The installation of the application offers endless entertainment content.
  • That includes Movies and Series.
  • IPTV channels are also included inside.
  • Third party ads are not allowed.
  • The app interface was kept simple.
  • A custom search filter is added.
  • A built-in video player is available.
  • Rich categories are added.

App screenshots

How to download the Alpha TV Pro app

Instead of jumping right into installing and using the app. The initial step is the download and for that Android users can rely on our website. Because here on our website we only offer authentic files.

To make sure users are entertained with the right product. We hire an expert team made up of different professionals. Unless the team is sure it works smoothly, we never offer internal Apk download section.

Is it safe to install the Apk?

The application file presented here is purely official. Even before we offer internal Apk download section, we already install it on different smartphones. After installing the app, we found it smooth and operational to use.

Many other entertainment related application files are posted here on our website. Which are perfect for watching entertainment content. To enjoy the best alternative apps, please install the provided Apk files. Those include Sky 4K Apk and Artilheiro Play Apk.


This is the best opportunity for Android users to watch unlimited IPTV, movies and series for free. All the users need to do is to install the latest version of Alfa TV Pro Apk inside the smartphone. And enjoy streaming premium content for free.

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