Download and watch the latest anime for free

Download and watch the latest anime for free
Download and watch the latest anime for free

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Animasu Net Apk: Download And Watch Latest Anime For Free

Animasu Net APK is an application platform that is currently widely used to watch movies and videos, especially Japanese anime cartoons online on Android and iOS phones (iPhone, iPad, Mac).

As we all know, various cartoon and anime movies from this land of the rising sun have many fans in Indonesia. Therefore, Animasu APK supports Indonesian translation (Sub Indo).

Various anime movies which have quite a large fanbase in more than 62 countries are also available in this APK version of Animasu app, including Attack On Titan, Shuumatsu, Boruto, Naruto, One Piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Punch Man , Overflow and various series. . other.

So, are you interested in watching the full movie on Animasu VIP APK? Eits! Wait a minute because we will share information about all the features first.
Featured Features

Amazing features of Animasu net apk

If you don’t know, you don’t like it, that’s more or less the parable that we will share knowing that there are many applications to watch videos online that of course have different features.

However, we are sure that you will like some great features of the next latest version of Animasu Mod Apk.
1. No ads

One of the convenience features built into the VIP version of Animasu APK is that there are no ads.

Unlike most similar apps that display ads in multiple positions, on Animasu the ads only appear in the section when the initial video is opened.

When we change the ad, the ad will be removed automatically so it won’t appear again, and of course, it makes us feel very comfortable watching Anime.
2. HD quality video graphics

The next feature that will pamper you is the availability of graphics in this Animasu app where we can choose high quality graphics.

Some of the graphics that you can choose from in this app range from 480p, 720p, 1080p.

However, this speed and quality also depends on the device and signal you are using.
3. Many genres of anime

There are many genres you can choose from, ranging from action, drama, fantasy, games, harem, isekai, food, war, music, comedy, and many more.

Amazingly, there are up to 54 genres you can choose from. So for that, we hope you won’t get confused looking for it.
4. Character Type

In addition to gender, users can also choose the main character type of the video as a reference to watch new videos.

We are sure that with this feature you will get the correct movie recommendations according to the character of the main character of the movie.
5. Information about the anime

Animasu Art app also has the Anime Information feature, which means we can get news about the movie we are watching, like the release year, no pop-up ads, if the movie is broadcast by episode or ends immediately, etc. in. in.

In fact, this Information function also shows a list of the names of the main and secondary characters. Even better, we can check which Episodes we’ve watched so we don’t have to repeat them.
6. Anime update schedule

This scheduling feature is just an estimate based on the latest updates from the previous weeks. So it’s possible that this week’s episode will premiere early and it may be too late.

The ‘random update’ schedule is also based on the anime being delayed even more than 2 days.

In this feature, you can see the schedule of videos that have been released so that you can look forward to them at the specified time.
7. Recommended movies

Animasu Com Apk version also provides recommendation features based on Showtimes, currently airing, finished airing, to new releases from latest release to latest release.

Thanks to this feature, users will also not be confused about which anime movie they want to watch today.
8. Download anime videos

One of the main reasons why Wibu is in high demand for Animasu xyz is because apart from being able to watch Anime videos, we can also download videos.

The videos that have been downloaded successfully will go directly to the Gallery and of course will reduce the storage space of the internal memory of the smartphone that you currently have.

You can even download anime videos without reducing the image quality. So later you can watch videos without an internet network, also known as offline.
9. Anime Requests

Although unlikely, if you don’t find anime movies in the Animasu app, you can ask the developer to add anime.

Asking Animasu to add a new anime is very easy because you are only required to enter the title of the anime movie or video in question along with an email address as notification that it has been added.
Download Animasu APK Latest Version 2022 on Android Phone

Download Animasu Net Apk

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