Download Arknights Mod APK Free Latest Version 2021

Download Arknights Mod APK Free Latest Version 2021
Download Arknights Mod APK Free Latest Version 2021
Download Arknights Mod APK Free Latest Version 2021 11

Arknights MOD APK is a cool animated mobile game that combines strategy and multi-role play.

If you are looking for a light, fun and unique game, you have found it! Download Arknights Mod APK at the link below.

Tentang Arknights.

Yostar is not a long time mobile game developer. They only have three games for sale on Google Play. Everything is anime style which many gamers can enjoy.

On this occasion, we will briefly talk about the Arknights game that has an interesting and exciting story. Perhaps you are waiting for an exciting story, with the appeal of a game that combines the two types of RPG and strategy.

Cerita Arknights


Set the scene on the world of Terra. There are long-lived species, they come from many different races, they are part of animals and myths.

Life here continued as always full of peace until a pandemic emerged that changed this life to change. Each of these individuals has a mortality rate of up to 100%.

The government has been trying to find a cure for the epidemic period, but they have given up on this when they leave and instead flee the population that is isolated.

Because of this, they feel hurt and cause hate. They fight trying to influence other people.

Players participate in this game as a light that gives the last hope in a dark landscape. You are in control of a health and self-defense organization called Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals.

Your ultimate goal is to find a vaccine to end the nightmare that is taking place. The story of this game is quite interesting, download Arknights Mod APK and enjoy the exciting story.

how to play

The core of the Arknights game carries tower defense gameplay. As the enemy tries to advance towards Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals, you must stop them so that the light that gives this last hope is not destroyed.

During the battle to end the epidemic, Amiya, the official leader of Rhodes, will accompany you. She knows the terrain and how the center works well. So, he will show you how to defend the base from the disease.

Going back to the gameplay, each challenge has multiple waves of attacks from the enemies. Each wave has a different number of enemies, which the system will show you so you have the right defense strategy.


On the map there are boxes (fields), where you can define your characters (they are called Operators). Each character has a special ability, a way of fighting and a sphere of influence. Upon experiencing the first level, the system will provide you with instructions so that you can take advantage of the advantages they provide.

For example, Texas can use multiple weapons at once to damage enemies at close range. He also has individual abilities. When the weapon is full of energy, a yellow symbol appears on top. Click and select Skill to release the skill. Of course, it is very powerful and works in a wide area.

Same with other characters. They have the same mechanism. But download Arknights Mod Apk game and learn for yourself, because strategy games like Arknights are difficult to explain.



There are many characters in this game. But you should pay more attention to the key member of Rhodes. They are AMIYA, NEAR, DOBERMANN, KALSITE, and Projekt Red. Each character has their own abilities, depending on her class.

This talk describes that this game has 8 types, including Vanguard, Guard, Defender, Specialist, Medic, Caster, Sniper, and Supporter. Some of them are capable of melee combat.

Others have the ability to attack from greater distances, such as support, medics, and snipers, so you should place them on high ground to maximize your view.


Arknights has amazing graphic backgrounds. I probably don’t need to mention this, you can immediately recognize the story presented when starting the game. The amazing here includes three elements: images, sound and color.

The characters and the context are designed quite detailed and impressive. They have an anime style, but they are mixed with mysterious undertones and they are a bit scary based on the plot I mentioned earlier.

After all, it was the sound that made the battle more intense and dramatic. What are you waiting for, download the game Free Arknights Mod APK at the link below.

Feature Arknight’s MODAPK

No SP fee

Download Arknights MOD APK

It finally arrived, where is the RPG element of this game? this is an upgrade feature. You can strengthen your characters with new features or improve their skills.

Application name: Arknight’s
Update: October 23, 2021
ID com.YoStarES.Arknights
Editor yostar
Gender: Strategy
MOD Features: No SP cost
Version: 5.0.01
Size: 2 G
Price: Free
Requires: Android 4.1

Face Install Arknights MOD APK

Before you start: Download and install XAPKS (if you don’t have it installed).

  1. Download the Arknights_v5.0.01_MOD.xapk file from the link above.
  2. Open the XAPKS installer.
  3. Click Install -> Select Arknights_v5.0.01_MOD.xapk.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.
  6. Done.

the last word

Characteristics of immersive and tactical genres, Arknights became popular in China, where it was first released. Not long after that, when Yostar announced the global release, it immediately received a warm welcome from gamers.

That’s a short explanation from about a really cool animated game, Arknights MOD APK I hope it is of some use.

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