Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022

Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022
Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022
Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022

Debgamku- Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022 – Blued is a solution for men who have trouble finding friends or even heterosexual partners. This app can accommodate male users who want to connect with other male users, gangs.

Liking the same sex is not easy, especially in Indonesia. However, the country does not have specific rules for homosexuals.

Gay people also find it difficult to find partners or dates for fear of social judgment in society. So this dating app is an alternative for these people.

Are you interested in this special app for male lovers, which is not really widespread in Indonesia? Check out the reviews and download links for the latest Blued Apk 2022 through the Jaka article below, OK!

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Tentang Bluish Apk

Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022
Download Blued Apk For Android Latest Version 2022 3

bluish is an app created for LGBT people, including gay men or lesbians. This app was first launched in 2012 and has more than 58 million users worldwide.

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The gay app was designed by a Chinese man named Le or better known as Ma Baoli and launched by Blue City Holdings Ltd. Users must have social media accounts like Google, Twitter and Facebook to use it.

Not much different from APK Walla, in this app you can chat privately with other users from all over the world. The Blued app is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

After successfully logging into the app, the user will be prompted to fill in personal details, including username, followed by weight, height, ethnicity, date of birth, and a must-see photo.

Users can follow or follow their favorite accounts on this app, just like on Instagram. Interestingly, they can still chat without following each other first.

Fitur Azulado Apk

In this app, users can view other users’ account profiles and watch live streams. You can add friends using the search function for individual or group accounts.

In the group feature, you can search by categories, such as Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Sports, Food & Drink, and more. Later you can apply or join the group.

Knowing what features are included in an app is one of the right steps to understand how useful the app is. Here Jaka summarizes some of the best features of this app.

Chat, video and voice

In this app, you can connect and chat with male users at the same address using photos, audio and video messages, GIFs, and real-time location sharing.

You can chat privately with anyone, especially gay men from different countries. So you can feel safe and protect your privacy.

Live broadcast

Would you rather watch other men’s activities than chat with strangers? You can also watch live content from top hosts.

In this room, users can give all kinds of sawtooth to their idol. Give him all kinds of cute sawtooth and let your idol do what he wants.

Connect to social networks

Are you not satisfied if you only interact in this application? You have the flexibility to connect this app with other social media apps so you can stay connected.

After finding your favorite influencer, you can find their social media accounts. Connect this app with your social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Download BlueD Apk

As Jaka mentioned, you can find bluish apk online on the Google Play app store and the App Store. If you want to enjoy advanced features, you can choose to pay for a free download.

Name bluish apk
Categories Social networks
developer Blue City Holdings Co., Ltd.
operating system Varies by device
Size Varies by device

Face Install Blued Apk

It’s not that hard to install the Blued app guys. You just need to follow the steps below to download and play it.

  • Remove the old version of the Blued app, if any.
  • Go to HP Settings > Security and enable Allow from unknown sources (if outside of the Play Store).
  • Download the APK file provided above by Jaka.
  • Click on the Blued APK file and install it on your device (if prompted, click “Allow from this source”).
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.

Earn money with the Blued app

Not only meet and build relationships, as a user you can also earn money with this dating app. The trick is in the Beans, which are like emojis on Facebook.

So when someone is doing a concert and the audience likes the show, the audience can give them gifts in the form of hats. The collected seeds can then be exchanged for real money.

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However, users can only exchange peanuts for money when the peanuts reach a predefined limit. Unfortunately, not everyone gets Beans, as generally only attention-grabbing content gets Beans.