Download Death App Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android

Download Death App Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android
Download Death App Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android
Mati Copy – Download Death App Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android – If you are currently looking for information and want to get the latest version of Death app APK, here Mimin will share it for you.

Well, as we know, smartphones are one of the electronic goods that are already very much attached and will not part with people’s lives today. So through smartphones there are so many information needs that can be accessed very easily and quickly to get it.

So it’s no wonder, the reason almost everyone has a smartphone, be it for study, work, everyday needs and much more.

Especially now that there are so many supporting apps for various types of smartphones, several of these apps have different purposes and uses that are often needed by the community.

So, did you know that lately social networks have come alive with the presence of a quite unique new app, where the app is capable of calculating the days left in the world?

Sounds pretty scary, right? However, this unique application is currently being sought after by Internet users who are curious and want to try using it.

Maybe you are one of them too? Well, if this is true, then you are on the right website. Because, this time, Mimin will share how to get the app that she is currently looking for.

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About Death Apk

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Death Apk Latest version 2022

Death apk is an application that will remind its users of death. So this app will also provide various types of quotes for its users to remember death. So users will also remember death almost every day when using this app. So for those of you who want to always remember about death, you can try the app.

Even using the Death app itself is very easy. In which there are only some posters with words about death. Where the posters contain a set of phrases that are intended to remind readers of death.

So through this app you will always remember how precious life is. This way you will appreciate it more and you will always take the time to be even happier.

The developer was inspired by a horror movie called “Countdown”, in the story of the movie itself a group of people are shown installing an app with a goat head logo. And in it they are told the time before a tragic death that was broadcast in 2019.

At first one of the people in the movie felt ridiculous if there was an app that could predict death and thought it was a lie. however, it turned out to be a terrible disaster.

However, what you should know is that this death app is an entertainment app and it will take you as if it tells you how long you have lived in the world.

Latest features of Death app 2022

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Like other apps, it features a number of features. So, are you curious to know what the features are?

  • Countdown: Like a stopwatch, where you will then see a countdown in this app that gives you goosebumps. Well, according to what is shown in the film, there will be years, days, minutes and even seconds left.
  • Strange Sounds: Even this app is also equipped with a strange sound that looks like the whispering voice of an angel of death. So this will add to the creepy taste of death app.
  • Free: You don’t have to pay for a membership if you really want to use a fortune telling service for the rest of your life.

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How To Get Latest Death App Apk 2022

Are you interested and want to get the death app that is currently popular? Here Mimin will share it as follows.

Detail Description
Name death timer
Version 3.0.2
developer Bilal Branch
Size 6MB

So, to get the Death Apk app, you can directly click here.

The appearance of Countdown Death APK itself is quite simple because it only shows the timer. Well this timer will be the benchmark of how long you will live. Yes, although of course this apk is only made for entertainment.

How to download and link Download Death Timer Apk

So, How? Do you want to join in the fun too? Well, you can start using the app. The path is like:

  1. First, open the Play Store, then click on the search box.
  2. Then type Death Timer to find the apk.
  3. Or use the following link if you have problems
  4. After that, click on the download button.
  5. And wait until the installation is successful.
  6. Done, now you can detect when you died and how much time do you have left? Actually this app is fun for you to try.

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That’s all the information above, hope it’s helpful.