Download Link Update Meatball Simulator 0.3, Find Arcade Locations

Download Link Update Meatball Simulator 0.3, Find Arcade Locations
Download Link Update Meatball Simulator 0.3, Find Arcade Locations
Download Update Meatball Simulator 0.3
Download Update Meatball Simulator 0.3

Lovers of games released by Studio Weekend are certainly happy, Andy Lukito released an “arcade location” in the Bakso Simulator 0.3 update. Following is the latest information, arcade locations and download links for Bakso Simulator 0.3 Update by Weekend Studio

Arcade is a new mode or feature in this Bakso Simulator 0.3 update. The plan is for Bakso Simulator to get an update to version 0.3, this was directly confirmed by Andy Lukito.

The creator of the Bakso Simulator game on Andy Lukito’s YouTube channel said that many of the new updates to version 0.3 of Bakso Simulator 0.3 are updates to the previous version 0.2.2.

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In this Meatball Simulator 0.3 update, one of the attractions is the arcade location. What are arcades? How where is the location of this game room, below will be reviewed in the next article.

Arcade is a new city location in Meatball Simulator game. As the name suggests, “Arcade”, this location is used as a place to play, so you can play games in a game. Interesting!

The location of this Arcade is in a mysterious purple building or house in the middle of the city. To enter this arcade mode, you just need to search for a purple house, but this house is guarded by a security guard and cannot be entered every hour.

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There are many games in this arcade, unfortunately you can only play three types of arcade machines. The way to play is quite simple, as gacha you will enter the game of lucky spins.

There are enticing prizes and rare items in this twist of luck, including duck mannequins, dumpling artisan statues, and thief dolls. Are you curious about this arcade feature? Here is the download link for Meatball Simulator 0.3.


Because this arcade location will be released in the form of an update, you only need to update the Bakso Simulator game app from version 0.2.2 to 0.3.

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