Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020

Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020
Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020

Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Free For Android Terbaru 2020 – ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is a tactical role-playing game developed and released by Bandai Namco.

This game is released for the first time since 2017, but for some reason ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is temporarily closed.

It makes people who play the game feel uncomfortable and confused.

Until the beginning of 2019, this new game was reopened for players to continue playing.

Next, we will review a little bit about the gameplay and graphics of the game, then we will share the MOD version of ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Apk with features that you will definitely like. Look at this!!!

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What is One Piece Bounty Rush?

One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk
Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020 9

One Piece: Bounty Rush is a mobile action RPG based on the popular One Piece manga. This game was developed by Bandai Namco.

ONE PIECE pirate adventure trip

As the name suggests, you can easily guess what the content of this game is about, as we know, this game is developed based on the popular Japanese manga One Piece, which has been successful with many other genres like Anime version, Video Game, etc. .

The franchise then launched on mobile, One Piece Bounty Rush is an Acion RPG designed to combine high-paced gameplay with its own charm.

By joining the game, you will be with other players and form a team to participate in real-time PvP battles.

how to play

Gameplay One Piece Bounty Rush
Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020 10

In this game, your goal with your teammates is to fight and collect as many gold treasures as possible from a flag that each place has in that position.

You can fight for each flag by fighting with your opponent, and when the flag has been reached. You just need to hold the flag until the gold points reach the target or until the round time runs out.

The winner of the match is the one with the most gold points. Remember that your opponents are other players, not the AI. So you won’t be able to do it easily.

Rating system

One Piece Karakter
Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020 11

The character system in the game is quite diverse, divided into 5 different character classes for players to choose from, including Warrior, Fighter, Supporter, Shooter, and Swordsman.

The Straw Hats will correspond to those classes, because Luffy will be in the Fighter class, Zoro will be the Swordsman and so on.

In addition, players will have the opportunity to meet minor One Piece series characters with strong enough abilities.

An interesting feature of this game is that you will meet other familiar characters that have appeared in other Bandai Namco products, not just the One Piece character system.

Game mode

Opbr Game Mode
Download One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk (God Mode) Terbaru 2020 12

In addition to exploring the content through the single player mode, the One Piece Bounty Rush mobile game also offers more multiplayer features, allowing players to compete with other players from around the world.

At the same time, the game’s fighting mechanism is quite simple, through touch, swipe on the screen, and some virtual buttons are arranged quite comfortably, giving players the feeling of the most comfortable experience when engaging.

3D graph

Apart from the gameplay, the quality of the 3D game graphics is also appreciated with the 360 ​​degree camera angle, so you can watch the game as detailed and clear as possible.

As for the drawing style, ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is still designed like the original, more exactly the same as the Anime version, from the character creation to each character’s ability.

Visual effects like shadows, lighting effects and sound effects will make the game more vivid. A very authentic pirate world has been built in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush for you to discover.

Fitur One Piece Bounty Rush

  • frozen enemy
  • always skill
  • Works only in SOLO mode
  • god mode
  • no skill cd

Download One Piece Bounty Rush

Application name One Piece Bounty Race
developer bandai namco
Version 30300
File size 80MB
Categories Games, Action, RPG
required system Android 4.4 and higher

Click the green download button below. To get the old apk:

face install

How to install applications that are outside the Playstore, these are the steps:

  1. The first step, download the app first.
  2. After finishing downloading the app
  3. now you’re going to Settings
  4. Then select Security
  5. then you press Unknown sources then touch okay
  6. Now install the game One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk what did you download before
  7. Wait until the installation is complete
  8. Enjoy


ONE PIECE Bounty Rush offers immersive gameplay incorporating highly engaging tactics, for you and other players to discover the world of pirates in ONE PIECE all over again.

And ONE PIECE Bounty Rush will be a great choice for fans of this comic.

Thank you for coming to our website. We hope that what we have shared can be useful for all of you and see you another time.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to play this One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk game?

Yes, this game is safe from viruses or other issues, you can play this game comfortably and safely.

Is root permission required to play this One Piece Bounty Rush game?

No, this game does not require root permission to play it.

What are the advantages of this One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk?

The advantage of this mod is that you can play this One Piece game with God Mode added feature.