Download Spongebob Moves In Mod Apk Data For Android Latest 2022 – Download Latest Mod Games And Android Apps 2021

Download Spongebob Moves In Mod Apk Data For Android Latest 2022 – Download Latest Mod Games And Android Apps 2021
Download Spongebob Moves In Mod Apk Data For Android Latest 2022 – Download Latest Mod Games And Android Apps 2021

Spongebob Squarepant, who does not know this cartoon series? It feels like everyone, from children to the elderly, must have seen it broadcast on television. Nickelodeon has been successful in producing this cartoon and it has been loved by children ever since it was first released. Due to the positive response received, an Android game with the story of SpongeBob was finally made.Spongebob Moves In Mod Apk Free Download

This game is a kind of city building simulation (city ​​building). Even though there are a lot of games out there city ​​buildingworth a try because it introduces the character and how to play different. Released on June 6, 2013, initially only for iOS. Over time, the Android version has been available and even continues to experience rapid updates.

Game application information details

  • Nama game: Spongebob moves Mod Apk
  • Type of game: simulation, city ​​building
  • First release: June 6, 2013
  • Game mode: offline
  • Special gift: animated short film about the character of SpongeBob
  • Unlimited coins and jelly
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When you play this game, you will be required to create layouts and build your version of the city of Bikini Bottom. Of course, while still prioritizing the comfort of its citizens. Although you are free to make layouts, you should also pay attention to the placement of other buildings.

Every mission that is completed successfully, there will be prizes that can be obtained. The prize is the beginning of the story of the SpongeBob cartoon characters when they first arrive in the city of Bikini Bottom. You will know the arrival of Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, etc. if you win the given mission. A gift that was worth waiting for because until now we have never known the truth through the vignettes that were shown.Spongebob Moves In Mod Apk Full Version

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GamePlay SpongeBob Moves

You can design and build a city as you like with custom characters, city accessories, based on your build model version. Well, one of the goals or objectives that must be achieved in the mission is to make all the citizens of Bikini Bottom feel happy. How to know your happiness?

Available Features happy meter, each facial expression will be measured to see the level of happiness. You are responsible for making sure that the measurement tool always shows positive results in the form of a happy face for the development/management of the city that you are carrying out. The sooner it’s done happy subway, then its level also increases faster. It can even produce usable gold. update item.

App game features

  • Show an animated short film about the story of the arrival of SpongeBob and friends to bikini bottom
  • Play with other characters and the townspeople of Bikini Bottom
  • Find out what Patrick did when he built his house
  • Discover the unique actions of Mr. Krabs in building his business, krusty crab
  • Design and build your own city with Bikini Bottom
  • Use secret recipes to cook. krusty crab
  • Stand up reference point The city of Bikini Bottom (Spongebob’s Pineapple House, Patrick’s Stone House, the Krusty Crab, etc.)
  • Upcoming feature additions include new characters, unlocked buildings, new game arenas, etc.
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Make sure you have a stable internet connection to download some necessary data. Also, when it is downloaded, you can play this game offline. So much information that the admin can provide, hopefully it will be useful and will make you interested in playing it.

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