Download ZEDGE MOD APK 7.38.3 (Subscription On) for Android, New 2022

Download ZEDGE MOD APK 7.38.3 (Subscription On) for Android, New 2022
Download ZEDGE MOD APK 7.38.3 (Subscription On) for Android, New 2022

ZEDGE MOD APK version removed ads and increased download speed when you download wallpapers and ringtones for mobile phones. You can use the entire service for free by installing this application from our website!

Introducing ZEDGE

Want to change the wallpaper and set a new ringtone for your device but the available device customizations don’t meet your needs? Let’s use ZEDGE. This custom app will help you do the above tasks simply and quickly.

ZEDGE is named after the developer. It was first released in 2003 for Android and iOS operating systems. Until now, ZEDGE has achieved many great achievements, such as: reaching the top of the most popular apps on Google Play US and having more than 30 million monthly active users.

What is ZEDG?

ZEDGE is a distribution platform for ringtones, wallpapers and other content for mobile phones. Users can view and download wallpaper images, wallpaper videos, ringtones and notification sounds. Thanks to this content, users can customize the device to their liking.

In addition to providing the content mentioned above, ZEDGE supports the configuration of these media files for the device. For example, when you download an mp3 file, the app will ask you what you want to do with it. You can choose to set it as a ringtone, notification sound, alarm clock ringtone, ringtone for a contact in the contact list or save it to a media folder. It is quite useful and convenient. You don’t even have to manually move files to folders as usual.

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Storage of multiple media files

According to estimates, ZEDGE has more than 10,000 wallpapers and more than 400,000 free ringtones. Thanks to it, you can search most of the content according to your needs and preferences. However, with such a large amount of content, we had to pay attention to some issues.

The first is a matter of finding and filtering content. ZEDGE has been divided into several main categories, including wallpaper images, video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. They are arranged in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. When you select the appropriate category, the screen will change to a list of the most popular content and featured topics. For example, animals, monkeys, love, winter landscapes… Apart from that, you can also search for content by entering keywords in the search bar.

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Second, you must use a wireless network (Wifi) when browsing ZEDGE content. As mentioned, this app has hundreds of thousands of content ranging from images, audio files to videos. They will be preloaded, which will cause you to lose a lot of data if you are on a cellular network. Using a wireless network also improves the experience, faster content rendering and faster downloads.

premium content

In addition to regular content, ZEDGE also includes premium content. The wallpaper is better designed, more artistic and higher quality than usual. Of course, they are completely free, but users need to watch the ad video to download them.

Share your wallpapers and ringtones

In addition to downloading, you can also upload content and become a contributor to the ZEDGE community. You can share your unique ringtones, audio files, images and designs with other users.

To do this, you must create an account on the ZEDGE home page or log in through social networks. Of course, the uploaded content will be moderated. You must check its validity and suitability before sharing it.

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Additionally, you can “opt out” of other users’ content when you log in as a member.

MOD APK version of ZEDGE


Subscription enabled: ZEDGE works on Freemium models. In which, the user can use all the resources/services provided by the application. ZEDGE offers a unique premium plan, Premium, which removes ads and speeds up downloads. It costs $0.99 per month or $4.99 per year. You can download the MOD APK file below to use the full service for free.

Download ZEDGE MOD APK for Android

With ZEDGE, you can personalize your device quickly and easily. Hundreds of thousands of free content available waiting for you to discover it, while new content is updated every day. In addition to downloading, ZEDGE also allows you to create collections to store ringtones and wallpapers. Thanks to that, you can access them again more quickly.