Drug dealers were blackmailed, hurting their own cousins

Drug dealers were blackmailed, hurting their own cousins
Drug dealers were blackmailed, hurting their own cousins

SHAH ALAM – A drug dealer was caught after criminally injuring and threatening his cousins ​​and relatives yesterday.

The 36-year-old suspect was arrested around 11 p.m. at Kampung Olak Lempit.

An air rifle and cannabis weighing 256.85 grams worth RM 2,500 were also seized along with the suspects.

Kuala Langat District Police Chief Superintendent Ahmad Ridhwan Mohd. Neither @Salleh said that his party had previously received a tip from a 27-year-old airline employee on May 1.

He said that according to the report, there was a misunderstanding with his uncle, who made noise while the employee’s son was sleeping.

“As a result, there was an argument between the complainant’s family and the uncle’s family who lived in the same house.

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“Then, the victim’s cousin threatened the victim’s family with an iron and a stone and abused the office worker causing small injuries to his lips,” he said in a statement today.

According to him, based on information, the police managed to arrest the suspect in addition to seizing a number of cannabis drugs, a BB gun, an iron knife, and a drink bottle with a sting energy boost written on it that had been modified. .

He added that from the results of the control it was found that the suspect had three criminal records and two drug records.

“Investigations have found that the suspect has been active in drug activities in the Banting area for the past three years.

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“The suspect is now in custody for five days and the case is being investigated in accordance with Section 323/506 of the Penal Code, Section 36 of the Firearms Act of 1960 and Section 39B of the Drugs Act. Dangerous of 1952”, explained. -KOSM! ONLINE