Easy Ways to Add Back to Top in WordPress

Easy Ways to Add Back to Top in WordPress
Easy Ways to Add Back to Top in WordPress

go back up or you can call Return to start, is a button function that is usually available on a website. Where its function is used to facilitate visitors or readers, who want to move from a web page, from the bottom to the top instantly. With just one click, we no longer need to scroll up slowly.

The back to top position is usually found in the bottom right hand corner of a website page. And for bloggers, with this feature, it is certainly very useful for visitors, after reading an article posted on Blogger. Especially if the article is very long, around 1000-2000 words for example.

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For that, for those of you who want to try to install or add back to the beginning, on a wordpress website, you can follow this technoding article. In detail, here, let’s see more:

Installation of plugins

First of all, we can use a plugin called WPFront top scroll.

  • Immediately, you can choose the menu. Accessories > select add new on the admin menu page.
Panel Wordpress Menu Plugin Install Add New
Plugins > Add New
  • You can then search for the plugin by typing the keywords “scroll to top” or “wpfront”.
Wpfront Scoll Back To Top Wordpress Plugin
WPFront top scroll
  • If you have found it, select the button Install Now after Activate.

Face Settings Plugin WPFront Scroll Top:

On the admin menu page, select Settings then select scroll up.

Settings Scroll To Top Wordpres
Settings > Scroll up

Well in WPFront top scroll setting. You can activate this plugin by checking or checking the Activated. Then you can also refer to the section asynchronous javascript , to improve performance, if there are no conflicts. And you can configure other parts.

Wpfront Top Scroll Setting
WPFront top scroll setting

Scroll down, you can also choose , image or button icon. Adjust the icon you want, if there is nothing suitable, you can choose custom URL. You can then use the images in the media library.

Custom Image Button Scroll Top Wordpress
custom image button

If you have configured other settings, you can select the button Save Changes. After that, you can see the display of the results on the wordpress website, which you are currently using.

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However, in some themes, there is already a default function that provides return to the beginning or scroll to the top. So you don’t need to install it again.