eBelia Pemerkasa: RM150 eWallet credit redemption

eBelia Pemerkasa: RM150 eWallet credit redemption
eBelia Pemerkasa: RM150 eWallet credit redemption

Youth and students of Institutes of Higher Education (IPT) in Malaysia will receive e-wallet credit assistance through the eBelia Program under the Strategic Program to Empower People and the Economy (Pemerkasa).

Currently, eBelia credit redemption can be done from June 1, 2021 to July 22, 2021 and the credit can be spent until July 31, 2021.

This was announced by the Minister of Finance, Tengku Zafrul through his official Facebook.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced on March 17 the latest assistance, namely Pemerkasa, which contains 5 approaches and 20 economic recovery initiatives to revive the country’s economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the initiatives announced is the eBelia Program, which aims to promote a culture of cashless transactions among the country’s youth.

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With the implementation of this eBelia program, it is expected that more young people will cultivate cashless transactions when making transactions and purchasing goods.

In this eBelia program, the government has allocated a total of RM300 million which benefits 2 million youth across the country.

Credit Redemption Amount

The eBelia program was previously announced by the Minister of Finance, Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz at the presentation of the 2021 Budget at the end of last year.

In the initial filing, the government agreed to provide an e-wallet credit of RM50 through this eBelia Program.

However, he later announced that the government had agreed to increase the eWallet credit amount to RM100.

Through Pemerkasa, the government has once again decided to increase the amount of eWallet credit from RM100 to RM150 through the eBelia Program.

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Categories of Youth Eligible to Make Redemption

eWallet credit redemption through this eBelia Program is only eligible for youth in the following categories:

  • Young people from 18 to 20 years old
  • Young people who are studying at IPT only full time

Credit Redemption Date

In the Empowerment presentation, the Prime Minister informed that the implementation of the eBelia Program will be implemented from June 2021.

The redemption date of the credit is from June 1, 2021 to July 22, 2021 and the credit can be spent until July 31, 2021.

How to redeem credit

So far, the government has not reported how to redeem credits through this eBelia Program.

However, redemption can be done using eWallet apps like:

  • Touch n Go E-Wallet
  • Boost
  • grab pay
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The method:

  • Download the e-cash app involved from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery. The electronic cash service providers involved are BigPay, Boost, ShopeePay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet.
  • For new or existing users, please follow the instructions provided in the e-cash application. The e-cash operator will verify the identity of the user electronically
  • In the electronic cash application of your choice, enter the required information in the eBelia claims view and press “Submit”
  • You will be notified if the claim is successful

More information

More information about this eBelia Program will be reported from time to time.

Visit the website https://www.mof.gov.my/ to learn about other Empowerment help.