Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is in a hundred pieces, is it time?

Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is in a hundred pieces, is it time?
Editorial: The country’s ‘umbrella’ is in a hundred pieces, is it time?

Editorial: The Country'S 'Umbrella' Is In A Hundred Pieces, Is It Time?

We are sure that a student who has gone on to higher education will know the spelling of ‘Umbrella’. But those who are playing with this error know how the ‘umbrella’ of the country is releasing an enormous amount of water. Dare you seek clarification from Bharat Bhagyavidhi? Also, for those who have these questions, is the media doing this? Kunal Ghoshi writing

The emotional outrage over K’s passing is stagnant at this point. There is almost no enthusiasm in applying an adjective to Rupankar. Currently, the theme is ‘Umbrella’. Why in English? We are busy stirring up the reporter’s question and the student’s terrible response. At the same time, a father’s bite, which his little girl’s friends send him ‘messages’ in Bengali, also moved into English. But his own girl was ready to ‘text’ in English but she didn’t pass the test in English? what happens?

With this, the media has become an interesting topic on social networks! We are dedicated to imparting knowledge. Social networks mean a government with a free majority. Twelve Ghost Offerings. Also, a wonderfully popular modern platform for blaspheming God in ten chakras. This stage never engages in arbitrary rhetoric; Sometimes it is the digital execution stage. So from the analysis I saw from the experts on this ‘umbrella’ joke, I understood that the training is two-way. First the knife of this student’s studies! Little ‘Umbrella’ doesn’t have a vague idea of ​​spelling. However, there is no shame. Fell sat down in development to request the pass once more. They are responsible, their parents are responsible, their teachers are responsible, the whole system is responsible, etc.

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But that shouldn’t mean that there has never been a terrible student in the past. Not only this, for centuries all Bengali students have been learning English like Oxford students. Not only this, first of all this girl starts to suffocate. Her endorsement of the “Umbrella” spelling is positively alarming, but perhaps nothing more than seen on stage in a digital execution of satanic bliss.

Editorial: The Country'S 'Umbrella' Is In A Hundred Pieces, Is It Time?

However, the second question, how much press opportunity? Is this an opportunity for this working class, lower working class, or lower class student to take the qualifying exam, or is this a misuse of the opportunity? There is a clear answer. Bring to light the real position of those who oppose the passage of the extravagant. Also, using it as a symbol to solve a variety of pranks and attacks. Making the post ‘viral’, increasing the ‘likes’.

But there is also another side. In any case I would not like to pass that I advise the mother to keep it a secret. You must know the spelling. The way these students and their classmates behaved will be the laughing stock of those who watch the video. But as a working journalist, I have a different opinion on the question of opportunities for the press.

One, there is nothing wrong with showing a girl’s indifference. But far from Calcutta, when a girl from an ordinary family studies in the midst of many adversities, dealing with general nervousness and an educational plan in English, is the battle for the inclusion of the media in her socio-financial structure unleashed? Who can watch the media as long as no one is doing well overall? In the work of our socialist-minded intellectuals to rescue the restless student of low caliber. But we are deeply interested in fighting for her life.

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Two, the journalist asked. To be honest. But journalists are nowhere near English, do you know the Bengali spelling? Do you have any idea where ‘e’ and ‘e’ are used? Paper confirmation department to address the spelling of weary writers. A monstrous mistake even on the TV screen. Then the crowd settles. If you take a look at the spelling knowledge of most portals. What evidence does the ‘soft target’ girl have? If they should have failed in English, shouldn’t journalists with unfortunate language skills also be eliminated?

Third, the girl is a ‘soft target’. It is easy to ask questions. But in the skirmish of the struggle for life, the difference between the mistakes of vast individuals, the appeal of many deliberate delusions, promises and executions, involving the interests of a large number of people, can the opposite question be asked?

In a country where the Prime Minister does not give press conferences to avoid questions, is it really an achievement to expose the mistakes of the people? We are tormented by the question of how to spell ‘umbrella’.

People who need to ask these questions, the media is doing? An unknown child was playing around the body of a transient specialist in an unknown station. The audience of images, media has increased. Tears welled up. So is that child understanding how to spell ‘umbrella’ in English today, or is he simply aware of the relative multitude of media and social networks that he needs? How will you remember the magic of ‘Umbrella’ of a boy in your family, who works in confinement and goes to school to become a laborer, any media suggestion?

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Once again, the quality of time is erratic. The socio-financial system is complex. The coronavirus has moved randomly from one place to another throughout life. Some students struggling with a hostile environment, or some part of the system, must have some darkness, but it may not be fair to prevent others from receiving light or not break the cause of the darkness. The girl’s behavior in answering the question of how to spell ‘umbrella’ suddenly surprises us with a sense of humor. Identifying a problem is also fine. But without looking carefully in the mirror, can we say that we are taking a real role in digital transformation? Do we know everything ourselves, except for a limited number of wealthy families or especially gifted students? If someone suddenly asks a question in front of the camera, can I say that everything is fine?

I think the girl’s ‘Umbrella’ spelling should have been correct in English. I think it’s a shame not to have the option to say it, it’s a disappointment for her teachers too. But given the great multifaceted exercise that’s going on with this girl’s video, I’ve set up this discussion to do some thinking.

Towards the end of those timeless two lines: “After the oil bottle breaks / Dogs / All you children / Take India apart!” If you organize it a bit like now, it helps to think about what else it is.

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