Education is a very important education for children

Education is a very important education for children
Education is a very important education for children– Education is a very important education for childrenEducation is a learning process carried out that aims to educate, provide knowledge, develop the potential of human beings and perform a better learning process.

In general, education is a process of teaching and learning activities, this learning process can be carried out in a formal, non-formal and informal way.

To individuals or groups with the aim of improving the quality of mentality and developing the potential contained in each individual.

As explained above, the educational process can be in the form of formal, non-formal and informal education in the hope of increasing the intelligence of the mindset and developing the potential of each individual.

Benefits of education for children

In its activities or activities, this education provides many benefits to the human being, such as:

  • give people a very wide knowledge,
  • develop human personality for the better,
  • instill positive values ​​for human beings, and education is very important education for children
  • train humans to develop their talents/talents for positive things.

educational purpose

  • The purpose of education, this education has the following objectives:
  • develop intelligence,
  • develop human personality to have a noble character,
  • able to control themselves
  • have skills,
  • great creativity and
  • of course also to educate people to be better.

So we can conclude that this education is very important to improve the quality of life, a little motivation.

type of education

In the learning process that takes place in schools there are clear educational programs ranging from elementary school (SD), junior high school (SMP), high school (SMA) to higher education (students).

Formal education

Formal Education is a learning process that usually takes place in schools and there are regulations that apply and must be followed if you are studying in school, then there are parties involved in supervising the learning process in school.

Informal education

Unlike formal education, non-formal education is usually found in our own environment, non-formal education activities/activities for example:

  • Al Quran Educational Park (TPA), which is widely available in mosques and mosques
  • Sunday School, available in all Churches.
  • In addition there is also a place for music classes and the like.

informal education

Continue with informal education, informal education is a path of education that is within the family and the environment itself.

In this informal education, the process of learning activities is carried out independently and is carried out with awareness and responsibility of the informal education itself, namely:

  • Children should be educated from birth
  • Education is part of the family.
  • Homeschooling: Formal but informal education.
  • It is also promulgated informally because in order to achieve the goal of national education, part of the family is part of it.


Therefore, the information that we can pass on, we hope that this article can be useful and useful to you.

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