Ellie Suriaty expresses her feelings to Paknil on the subject of her divorce, apparently she has never asked for this until now-two.e-kesah

Ellie Suriaty expresses her feelings to Paknil on the subject of her divorce, apparently she has never asked for this until now-two.e-kesah
Ellie Suriaty expresses her feelings to Paknil on the subject of her divorce, apparently she has never asked for this until now-two.e-kesah
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Great actress and director, Ellie Suriaty revealed that the sweetness of her marriage for 19 years has not been felt before deciding to withdraw from her marriage with Azri Iskandar.

Ellie said that the change in Azri was starting to show and that she didn’t want to continue living like this with him.

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“I have known this man (Azri) for 19 or 22 years, including the pre-marital introduction. So I know all the changes in terms of body language.

So I understand and I don’t want to ask why we’ve been through that.

“Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t live in the house… I took him at night, I’m having fun.

I may even like second-hand items because for me the moment is no longer an item or a material. No need to fly me to London or Paris,” she laughed.

Ellie expressed her feelings for introducing Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi on the Hard To Heard program which was screened on Astro Ria, at 9:30 last night.

Unable To Defend Family, Ellie Suriaty -Azri Iskandar Divorced - Utusan Digital

“She is easy to marry me and divorce is easy… In all my life with her I have never asked her for a chain letter, jewelry, diamond ring or anything…

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“What I need is loyalty, I never ask for RM5,000 a month because money is not the issue… It’s always about love,” he said.

Many more exchanges and expressions that Ellie made to shed tears after divorcing Azri on May 17.

Watch the full rebroadcast of Ellie Suriaty’s Hard To Heard episodic show available on the Astro VOD (Video On Demand) menu anytime.



I’ve known this for a long time, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Popular drama director Ellie Suriaty admits she’s not at all surprised after the revelation that her ex-husband, Azri Iskandar, will be marrying the woman of his choice in the near future.

Ellie said she didn’t care about her ex-husband’s decision either even though her edah period wasn’t over after they agreed to split on May 17.

“I am not surprised and it may be a bit about this. That is why my heart is really round and determined to withdraw from this marriage.

“Because I already think he has a relationship with other women. Even when I file for divorce, I don’t have to file again to get certainty or validity.

“I have been with him for 19 years. During that period, we went through all the difficulties together. When there is a change in the home, I know that his heart is with other people and no longer with me,” she said.

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Ellie Suriaty Azri Iskandar

Ellie added that she also doesn’t care at all which woman Azri will marry to be his life partner later on.

“I better get on with my life for the sake of my children and fully focus on my art career.

“Because this life is too meaningful for us to think about things like this. Before I got divorced again, I had made a decision long enough to think about the good and the bad.

“I do not deny that there are many women out there who are much better than me. But it is not Ellie Suriaty who really understands who Azri Iskandar is,” she reiterated.

Yesterday, KosmoOnline! reported, Azri shared the good news that he will be marrying a woman with virgin status named Dr. Azra Diera.

Azri said he met his future wife 12 days after divorcing Ellie in the middle of last month.

Legally Divorced From Azri Iskandar, Ellie Suriaty Admits Tough Decision - 'Thanks For The Sweet Memories'

Previously, Ellie filed for divorce against Azri, and through court proceedings, it was confirmed that they divorced on May 17.

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Each of them is also going through a three-month edah process that will end on August 28.

For information only, Ellie and Azri married in 2003 as a result of a lifelong relationship, they were blessed with three sparkling eyes, Azrell Omar Azri Iskandar, 18, and Nur Azreen, 13.

Their second child, Nur Aliah Omar Iskandar, died 15 minutes after birth, while their fourth child, Ahmad Muhammad Iskandar, died in utero at the age of five months during the filming of Penanggal.

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