“Even going to checkups is a joke, Mira is skinny…” – Netizen

“Even going to checkups is a joke, Mira is skinny…” – Netizen
“Even going to checkups is a joke, Mira is skinny…” – Netizen

The last photo of Mira Filzah after 6 weeks of giving birth to her son Cur1 The focus of attention of many. Wow, she looks so skinny, Look, she doesn’t look like anyone’s mother.

Looking at Mira Filzah’s Instagram account, publishing Mira’s latest has caught the attention of many. Mira has uploaded a photo of her with the light of her eyes of her, Wan Khair Amir who is inside walker.

The photo was taken when Mira and Amir went to the hospital for a medical checkup. It’s been 6 weeks since Mira gave birth to Amir and Mira’s latest appearance is drawing attention because Mira looks very skinny and doesn’t look like a pregnant person.

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Even Mira’s stylish dress makes her look young and she doesn’t look like a mother. Some commented in the comments section stating that Mira was like with only one sister.

Mira Discharge 1

At the time of this writing, this Mira association has received more than 92 thousand likes since it was uploaded 6 hours ago. People are still beautiful after giving birth. hold beautiful and skinny.

Let’s see the association below:

In the comments section, many praised Mira’s appearance. Among the comments given by Internet users:

“Haihhh, we have it clear.. Take care Mira and Amir.. I have run out of pant4ng.. Thank God, I hope you are always healthy.. Sister, take your sister for a walk..”

“It’s beautiful. Mcm virgin… yeke rejected children… I can’t believe it haha… please I hope to be this beautiful after having children…”

“MasyAllah, beautiful Anugerah dri Allah… skinny look… get checked too… not like us in pant4ng…”

“God forbid pretty mommy… I’m a young teenager and this mommy… My mother’s friend took my sister for a checkup, right…”

”Beautiful mamita… dh habis pant4ng ke? She’s not like anyone’s mother… keeping youthful youth… It’s not like high school berpant4ng punnn hehe…”

“See you sooner at a specialist clinic. Time to wait to pay the bill..beautiful and slim..Watch for skinny lps maternity tips.. “

“Cantiknyaaa mama look..ish apa ni dah mak org pun keep slim heh..Salam look dah bawa ank jln2 ye..”

Time passes for a moment instead. It looks like Amir is over a month old and it looks like Mira is almost 44 days into abstinence. May Wan Khair Amir grow up healthy and be a fair child.

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