Event Less is more FF 2022 Less is more FF Terbaru Update

Event Less is more FF 2022 Less is more FF Terbaru Update
Event Less is more FF 2022 Less is more FF Terbaru Update
Less Is More Ff Event

Less is More FF Event – Garena as a developer who often brings events that can be followed by various Free Fire players.

Because there is this moment, of course we will benefit, because in addition to being able to get free points, Garena usually gives a discount for buying certain points.

For those of you who have complained about the price of Free Fire diamonds, which are quite expensive, therefore this Moment FF Less is More is the right event for a big advantage.

Because? Because you will get a lot of diamonds at the cheapest price.

This is a very rare event, and it only takes place for 5 days, you can follow this event from July 27 to 31.

Giving you a discount for buying diamonds in Free Fire games is common.

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But as to when it will take place is a certain mystique, until we already know, so that we can follow it as soon as possible.

Moment Less is More FF 2021

This moment is held specifically for players who do not have diamonds. Because the less diamonds you have, the cheaper the price you will get.

So the point of this moment has varied prices, the less diamonds we have, the more diamonds we can get.

Because there is a time like this, it is hoped that those who have never done very well at this time can do it.

Because of course this will provide benefits, and it will be a loss if you just approve.

Because if you mean the normal price, by that, the diamonds that we get will be very different from the ones that are at the moment less is more ff.

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Here are the details of prices and diamonds that we can get right now from Free Fire:

  • If you have diamonds from 0 to 99, you can get 520 diamonds for only 15,000 rupees.
  • If you have 100-249 diamonds, then for the purchase of 520 diamonds, you will be charged an even higher price of Rs 30,000.
  • For those who have a diamond amount between 250 and 498 diamonds, therefore, for the price of 520 diamonds, the price is 46,000 rupees.
  • Finally, for those who have more than 498 Diamonds, the price of 520 Diamonds is more expensive, reaching Rp.61 thousand.
  • And which one counts? In order to get the cheapest price, we can first spend the diamonds we have to buy several points that we did not initially have.
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Langkah Hebat Up Moment Less is more FF

For those who want to follow this moment, the trick is very easy.

But we must remember that this moment will begin on July 27, as follows in its entirety:

  • Sign in to your Free Fire account.
  • Get in the moment.
  • Next, search for Great Up or Less is More FF.
  • Make it great using legumes.

Those are some reviews that discuss Less is More FF Event they are already Tax collector short for all of you, see you again. That’s all and thanks.

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