Evidence of ‘voluntary tourism’ proposed by Nazri is detached from reality – Rare

Evidence of ‘voluntary tourism’ proposed by Nazri is detached from reality – Rare
Evidence of ‘voluntary tourism’ proposed by Nazri is detached from reality – Rare

Press Statement by Young Syefura Othman, Pahang State Assemblyman for Ketari and Member of the Supreme Executive Committee of DAP Malaysia and Deputy National Head of DAPSY on 19 June 2022

I am referring to the statement issued by Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz, former Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture and also a Member of Parliament for Padang Rengas in relation to the flood disaster that can be used as a tourist attraction through “tourism volunteer”.

The Ketari State Constituency is one of the areas most affected by the flood on December 17, 2021. Ketari DUN includes the Janda Baik tourist area and several other tourist attractions in Bentong district. La Viuda Buena is the most affected area. It was also the first area where the flood disaster occurred that day before the flood disaster spread to other areas in Bentong. To date, many tourist attractions in Janda Baik in particular are still not being repaired. In addition, infrastructure such as bridges and roads are not directly repaired by the state government, relevant ministries, departments, and agencies.

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It is true, the post-flood situation, especially a few days after the flood occurred, we need a lot of volunteers to help the victims in the clean-up work. However, it is a mistake in terms of ethics and thinking if the government sees this as a source of income for the country or the state. Where is the empathy and sensitivity of Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in expressing this opinion to be taken into account by the government? Where is the loss of sympathy for the victims when we seem to celebrate the hardships and misfortunes that befell them.

I support ideas and thoughts outside the box of any party that can help the development of the country. But such an idea, in my opinion, is the idea of ​​a human being who is far from the real life of society.

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I would like to invite any party that is willing to come to the Ketari DUN area that has not yet received post-flood repair assistance to listen to the complaints of the flood victims. I would also like to invite any party to dialogue with all flood victims about the trauma they face as flood victims.

Perhaps in this way deaf and blind leaders can better understand the feelings of people who are still reeling from finding ways to reconnect the rest of their lives after all their possessions and lives were washed away in the floods. – Rocketkini.com