Excited on social media Rain driver is taxable

Excited on social media Rain driver is taxable
Excited on social media Rain driver is taxable

Viral.redaksikerja.com – Services rain charmer tax payable This was revealed by the staff of the finance minister Yustinus Prastowo through a twitter account that the rain controller must report the calculation of annual income through the Annual Notification Letter (STP).

Name Rare Istiani Wulandari remains the focus of social media and netizen conversations after he took steps to hold a rain ritual at the Mandalika circuit.

Many netizens wonder who is Rara Istiani Wulandari? Here is the explanation below.

Rare Istiani Wulandari Profile

After being brought in by the Mandalika circuit manager as a rain controller, Rara Istiani Wulandari went viral after taking rain fighting action at the 2022 MotoGP event.

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So who is the real Istiani Wulandari Rare? Down here Rare Istiani Wulandari Profile.

Full Name: Raden Rara Istiati Eulandari
Call name: Rare
Seburan name on stage: Mbak Rara
Place of Origin: Jayapura
Current Address: Denpasar Bali
Place of birth Date: Papua, October 22, 1983
Occupation: rainmaker, tarot reader
Instagram account: @rara_cahayatarotindigo

According to various sources, Rara reportedly adheres to the teachings of the kejawen or buhun teachings. In fact, he often participates in international events, so it’s no surprise that he gets paid hundreds of millions.

Rare Taxable Istiani Wulandari Rain Handler

Rara Istiani Wulandari Pawang Hujan Kena Pajak
Excited on social media Rain driver is taxable

Previously, Rara was reported to have been implicated by the Mandalika circuit manager long before the 2022 MotoGP event took place.

Before the actual MotoGP event took place, not only Rara, the Mandalika circuit manager had also involved the Air Force and the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) to carry out TMC operations in the area of ​​the Mandalika circuit.

The rain-fighting ritual carried out by Rara, the Air Force and BRIN in carrying out the TMC operation was carried out to reduce the high rainfall in the Mandalika circuit area.

This type of TMC service is quite successful in anticipating heavy precipitation events. However, at this point the audience talk is focused on Rara, who has performed the ritual of averting the rain.

After the finance minister’s staff tweet circulated that rain management services were taxable, suddenly Warganet Excited on social media Rain driver is taxable.

Taxable Rain ControllerRara’s name is currently going viral and has received worldwide attention after it was considered quite successful in alleviating the rain when the MotoGP race will take place at the Mandalika circuit.

That is the above information about the Taxable Rain Pawang social media buzz that is currently going viral and has become a netizen conversation.

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