Exploring the Kiskendo cave, impressive natural settings

Exploring the Kiskendo cave, impressive natural settings
Exploring the Kiskendo cave, impressive natural settings

bogordaily.net– Goa Kiskendo in Kulonprogo is one of the natural tourist destinations that can be an option when visiting Yogyakarta and Central Java. Also, the Kulonprogo area is known as an area with impressive natural attractions. From beaches, hills, waterfalls, to caves can be found in this area.

Kiskendo Cave was first discovered hundreds of years ago, to be exact in 1820. This cave, which is located in Girimulyo, Kulonprogo, seems to have an interesting history. Based on the wayang myth as reported by Suara.com, this cave became the site of a fierce battle between the king and the governor against the brothers who were ordered by the gods to seize the beautiful kidnapped goddess.

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Kiskendo Cave has been officially opened as a tourist destination since 1987 by the Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office. In 2005, the management of this cave was transferred to the Kulonprogo Tourist Office.

This cave is very interesting to visit because it is equipped with proper lighting. The path has also been built in such a way to make it easier for tourists who want to walk.

However, you still need to be careful when passing through. The water droplets in the cave make the path inside a bit slippery. Some parts of the cave are also quite low, so when they want to go through, visitors have to bend over.

Goa Kiskendo Suarahiromi2

Kiskendo Cave. (Hiromi/Voice/Bogordaily.net)

The officers will provide helmets and headlamps to facilitate the process of traversing this cave. Of course, the safety of visitors comes first in this cave.

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Inside the cave there is also a hermitage that is usually visited by people who have a specific purpose. The environment in the cave is quite calm for meditation.

Not only are the cave views captivating, there is also an amphitheater here that hosts a colossal ballet performance titled Sugriwa – Subali. This ballet is packed with a very interesting and really entertaining concept. Visitors will also be invited to enjoy the grace of the dancers as they perform the Sugriwa – Subali dance.***