Ezra Miller ‘deletes Instagram’ after being accused of ‘outwitting authorities’ – Onemic9ja

Ezra Miller ‘deletes Instagram’ after being accused of ‘outwitting authorities’ – Onemic9ja
Ezra Miller ‘deletes Instagram’ after being accused of ‘outwitting authorities’ – Onemic9ja
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Ezra Miller has faced a number of legal issues (Image: FilmMagic)

Flash star Ezra Miller has reportedly deleted his Instagram after being accused of taunting authorities, who are currently trying to track him down.

The actor posted several memes on his Instagram page before it was deleted, according to various US media.

While they could have simply been references to the upcoming The Flash movie, some have interpreted them as messages to the authorities.

One said: ‘You can’t touch me, I’m in another universe’, while another said: ‘Message from another dimension’.

Miller, 29, will play Barry Allen/The Flash in the upcoming DC movie, due out next year.

However, they have faced a series of legal problems, the most recent being accused of manipulating a girl, now 18, since she was 12, and using “violence and intimidation” to control her.

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Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents have filed legal documents, seen by her, asking the court for a protective order to keep the actor away from her.

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Miller deleted her Instagram (Image: Hawaii Police Department via Getty Images)

Iron Eyes first met Miller when she was 12, and they were 23 when Miller was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, where the pair developed a friendship that her parents believe puts her at risk.

His parents state in the documents, as reported by: ‘Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to dominate a young Tokata teenager.’

Iron Eyes’s parents, Clams Miller, flew her to London in 2017, when she was 14 and they were 25, to visit the studio where Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was filmed, as she was a fan of Iron Eyes. actor and the franchise.

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Miller is set to star in The Flash in the next DC movie (Picture: Getty Images)

They also alleged that Miller supplied their daughter with alcohol, marijuana and LSD, as well as disrupting her education at a private high school in Massachusetts so much that she ended up dropping out in December 2021.

Iron Eyes is said to have fled to New York to reunite with Miller after her parents brought her home, before the pair traveled to Vermont, Los Angeles and Hawaii, including for an alleged assault.

Meanwhile, Iron Eyes recently told his followers that he is mentally stable and that his ‘partner’ Miller has been a help in his life, and that he is looking forward to the future.

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Her parents are requesting that the court issue a protective order against Miller on their daughter’s behalf, with a hearing set to take place in July.

However, law enforcement is reportedly unable to locate or serve the Fantastic Beasts actor.

Metro.co.uk has contacted representatives for Ezra Miller for comment.