Falyn Fonoimoana – Biography, Family, Volleyball Career, Facts

Falyn Fonoimoana – Biography, Family, Volleyball Career, Facts
Falyn Fonoimoana – Biography, Family, Volleyball Career, Facts

Falyn Fonoimoana is one of the most talked about beach volleyball players. From her towering height to her model physique, not to mention her impressive volleyball skills, there is a lot to talk about the star.

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Early life

Falyn Fonoimoana was born in Hermosa Beach, California, making her a US national.

He was born on March 13, 1992, that is, he is 30 years old.

Volleyball runs in his family. Her uncle, Eric Fonoimoana, was a gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and an AVP champion.

Professional volleyball career

Falyn grew up in Hermosa Beach, a town popular for fun activities like surfing, beach volleyball, and sunbathing.

It’s no surprise, then, that she developed an interest in beach volleyball.

Back in elementary school, Falyn volunteered as a ball boy. Therefore, a career in sports seemed inevitable.

Falyn Fonoimoana began her professional career in 2010.

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Her career, which has spanned over a decade, has seen her play for a host of volleyball teams.

They include USC Trojans, Orientales De Humacao, Criollas de Caguas, and Changas De Naranjito.

He currently participates in the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball League.

The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) describes it as a “dominant blocker, explosive attacker, loud cheerleaderand an amazing person.”

Fanoimoana started 31 of 34 games for the USC Trojans as an outside hitter.

Body Falyn Fonoimoana

The volleyball player’s battered body has been at the center of many discussions. Spectators find it difficult to focus on the ball when she is playing, and she knows it.

“I’m black, I have a big butt, and I’m thicker than everyone else.

Me going out and trusting in a swimsuit, even when I started in the AVP my freshman year, I heard people talking about me when I walked in, saying, ‘Who does he think he is?’ And, ‘It should be more covered.’

Falyn Fonoimoana'S Big Butt Has Always Been Talked About.
Falyn Fonoimoana’s big butt has always been talked about, even in a negative way. Image (c) Falynfonoimoana/Instagram

She says that people judged her and underestimated her when she started playing. They thought she couldn’t compete because of her size.

However, he has proven everyone wrong as he continues to deliver season after season.

And he hopes his success will inspire people who are underestimated because of their body size, race and other stereotypes.

Falyn Fonoimoan Family

I know you are wondering if Falyn Fonoimoana has a husband or children. If you’ve been tripping, I’m sorry to disappoint you because he has a partner that we don’t know if she’s married or not.

He has spoken fondly of his partner during an interview with AVP. She said: “I am who I am, and I am beautiful. I have a man who loves me. God made me this way. So who cares if other people don’t accept me for who I am and how I look as long as I’m doing what I love?

Falyn Fonoimona Shares A Snapshot With Her Partner
Falyn Fonoimona shares a snapshot with her partner. Image (c) Falynfonoimona/Instagram

She and her partner share a son whom she loves very much.

Giving her son the best life possible seems to be one of her biggest inspirations.

“I work for you every day, Buggy! All the times mom had to go play, all the practices mom does, all the times I missed a holiday or birthday…baby that was for you!” she wrote.

“I hope one day when you grow up you see how hard mommy works.

He added saying, “I hope you work even harder for whatever you want in your life. I love you very much!.”

Falyn Fonoimoana Height

So how tall is the volleyball superstar? That’s a question we’ve seen so many people ask.

She stands at an imposing height 6 feet 4 inchesaccording to his USC Trojans profile.

Falyn Fonoimoana Official Instagram

Falyn Fonoimoana doesn’t seem like your typical social media guy. However, she has managed to get quite a few followers on Instagram.

He keeps his 60,000+ followers up to date on his games, lifestyle, family, and other activities.

If you’re looking to connect with her, you can do so using her official Instagram account: instagram.com/falynfonoimoana.

Falyn Fonoimoana Wiki

We know that you are interested in reading more about it on Wikipedia. However, at the time of writing this report, she does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. Hopefully one day her illustrious career will earn her a place on the reputable information website.

Five quick facts about Falyn Fonoimoana

  1. Falyn Fionooana is part of Athletic Brewing Co, a pioneer in revolutionizing non-alcoholic craft beer. She uses her Instagram page to promote the drink.
  2. She grew up in a family that loves volleyball. Her uncle, Eric Fonoimoana, was a gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and AVP champion.
  3. Falyn Fonoimoana had to deal with critics who thought she couldn’t play because of her size.
  4. Falyn currently participates in the AVP beach volleyball competition.
  5. He has a partner and a son whom he loves very much.


Full name Falyn Fonoimoana
Date of Birth March 13, 1992 (age: 30
Nationality American
Native city Hermosa Beach, California
Occupation professional volleyball player
Gender Feminine
Height 6″4 feet

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